Kangana Ranaut has left many questions unanswered in thalaivi …

South India seems like another world to the people of the Hindi belt. Idli, Sambhar, Dosa, Vadakkam are all known to that world. While listening to ‘All the Rajni Fans-Thalaiwa’, they used to think what is Thalaiva? Now that Kangana has become ‘Thalaivi’ from ‘Ranaut’ on Instagram, the idea should be discovered. Then brother knew that Thalaivi means Netri / Leader / Leader. Who is the leader? Amma of the common people of Tamil Nadu who was Chief Minister for 30 years – J Jayalalithaa. AL Vijay has made a movie about Ajayan Bala’s book ‘Thalaivi’. Tamil Politics, with actress-turned-politician Jayalalithaa, the film also presents the incalculable relationship between her mentor, mentor and crush MGR and their unspoken relationship without any justification.

The audience was also anticipating about Thalaivi from Kangana.

Kangana, who got her vulgar beating on ‘Manikarnika’, has earned praise this time around. Trying to look like Jayalalithaa with weight gain, he looks more or less like her. But his iconic accent doesn’t do justice to the main character’s Tamil accent. It is not easy to recognize the fame of ‘Bombay’ Arvind Swamy in the character and appearance of MGR.

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Looking at Jayalalithaa’s oath ‘I will return only as a minister in this assembly’, the mind says: Yes, you nailed it like ammunition! The movie ends abruptly. Suddenly because we (at least I am …) want to see women win over and over again. And the film challenges that image of being victorious / Shaktiroopa, in which the modern Durga has ten hands, a ladle, a laptop, a child drinking milk, a broom, a mobile all.

Dancing on stage and filming in divine, traditional and modern clothing, Jayalalithaa, the famous classical dancer of her time, wears a sari like a shawl when she becomes a minister. So is the exercise of covering ourselves to the chin part of the added awareness of standing and surviving in a world of pure men like politics?

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The movie does not respond to this. But the man gives courage (only momentarily) to ask questions like ‘How long are you going to take the acid test’ of society? The film supports the anonymous untold relationship between MGR and Jayalalithaa. However, those who say so have also said that MGR has guided Jayalalithaa and used her for politics and for his party.

Jayalalithaa, who likes to worship her as much as possible, doesn’t even bother in this domain. She too accepts it with complete dedication and confidence as she ‘dates’ with Simi Grewal. To get to know Jayalalithaa a little closer and better, you should listen to this interview on YouTube.

In the name of music, the lyrics written by Irshad Kamil and the background music are almost breathless. There are no melodies or words in the mind. For the rest of the movie, Kangana has worked hard. But if Vidya Balan were there, it would have been a different matter.

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