Kangana Ranaut is happy with the marriage of Katrina Kaif and Vicky, commented on age difference

salient feature:

  • Vicky and Katrina will tie the knot on December 9.
  • Actress Kangana Ranaut praised Katrina and Vicky’s decision.
  • Kangana mentioned the age difference between the two without naming them.

Kangana Ranaut is counted among Bollywood celebs who do not hesitate to express their opinion on any issue. Whatever be the case, Kangana Ranaut keeps her opinion on social media. His statements are often controversial and he also gets into trouble for his views. He recently shared his thoughts on Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding. Though Kangana did not name Vicky or Katrina, what she said clearly suggests that she is talking about the couple who are going to get married.

Significantly, Kangana had mentioned the age difference of Katrina and Vicky in her Instagram story. Significantly, Katrina Kaif is five years older than Vicky Kaushal. Katrina is 38 years old while Vicky Kaushal is 33 years old. Kangana has praised Katrina and Vicky for their age difference. Kangana says that successful and big Bollywood actresses are breaking stereotypes by marrying younger actors.

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Kangana Ranaut wrote in her Instagram story, “We have heard many such cases where rich men marry women younger than them.” No one can accept that a woman or a young woman is more successful than her husband. Far from marrying a young man, marrying after a certain age was becoming increasingly difficult. But now it feels good that the rich and successful women in the Indian film industry are changing their perception about gender.

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Though Kangana did not name anyone in the post, everyone reading this must have understood that she was talking about Katrina and Vicky’s talent. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal will tie the knot on December 9. Many Bollywood celebrities will attend this wedding.

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