Kangana Ranaut’s performance in ‘Dhaakad’ has a weak story director who ruined it

There is a huge audience in India who likes Hollywood action movies. High-energy action is seen in Hollywood movies like ‘Captain Marvel’, ‘Avengers Endgame’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Tomb Raider’. This is the reason why people who like action eagerly await the release of such movies. The Bollywood film ‘Dhaakad’ of the same category was released in theaters, in which the controversial queen Kangana Ranaut has the main role. The action film, directed by Rajneesh Ghai, also stars Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta, Shashwat Chatterjee, Sharib Hashmi, and Tumul Balyan in major roles. The film is produced by Deepak Mukut and Sohail Maklai, while the story is written by Chintan Gandhi, Rinish Ravindra, and Rajneesh Ghai. Many action movies have been made in Bollywood, but ‘Dhaakad’ will probably be the first movie where an actress is in the lead role and has given a brilliant performance.

No one has ever doubted Kangana Ranaut’s acting ability. He has proven himself film by film. It is due to his personality that he is firmly established today even as he flows into the opposite stream of Bollywood. Just like the nature of him, Kangana who plays a character in the movies is seen in a new avatar in the movie ‘Dhaakad’. Before her, many actresses have tried to establish themselves in the action genre, but have not succeeded. At the same time, Kangana has performed amazing stunts in her first action movie after seeing her eyes widen. The character in the movie Kangana, agent Agni, works according to his name. She faces enemies without fear and without fear. The bike runs. She shoots bullets from automatic pistol. She also knows how to fight with swords. She will go to great lengths to maintain friendship and enmity.

Super success in action, failure in emotion

There are two faces in the movie ‘Dhaakad’. On one side there is only and exclusively action, while on the other side there is emotion. The more powerful the action, the weaker the emotion. Agni (Kangana Ranaut), a brave International Task Force agent, works against the Global Human Trafficking Syndicate, whose cables are connected to India. He is assigned a target to eliminate the syndicate kingpin, Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), so that the smuggling business can be stopped. Every time Kangana appears as an agent, she is stunned. But there is also a past of fire, which continues to shudder at every moment. In childhood, her parents are killed in front of her eyes. She wants to take revenge on the killer since childhood. In such a situation, whenever Agni comes in the form of a daughter, that emotion is not visible in her. It seems that the director forgot to put emotion in the process of centering the film on the action. Or he did not consider it necessary. If there is an emotional scene in the movie, then that kind of emotion should be seen in it. But it doesn’t look like that here.

human trafficking syndicate history

The story of the movie ‘Dhaakad’ revolves around Agni (Kangana Ranaut). Agni works as an agent in the International Task Force. After the murder of Agni’s parents in childhood, the Chief of the Secret Service (Shaswat Chatterjee) raises her from her. Along with this, they also give training to work as an agent. Agni starts working for the agency after growing up. Going to countries around the world, she works to break up the human trafficking syndicate. Meanwhile, the agency sends him back to India, so that the syndicate’s kingpin, Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), can be tracked down and eliminated. Agni arrives in Bhopal directly from Europe. There he meets another agent from the agency (Sharib Hashmi), who lives with his daughter Zaira. Agni discovers the history and geography of Rudraveer through this agent. It turns out that initially Rudra, who was a coal mob, is hiding in a coal mine. He runs his business through his mistress Rohini (Divya Dutta). Agni attacks the coal mine with the team, but Rudra is already prepared and attacks his team. Agni keeps dying in this attack. But a secret is revealed that the killer of her parents is Rudra.


The climax of the film disappoints.

In this way, Rudraveer turns out to be his enemy both personally and professionally. Here, after killing Sharib Hashmi’s character, Rohini takes her daughter with her. But she keeps Zaira’s bracelet (which is Agni’s, but she wears Zaira). Through this, Agni obtains Rohini’s location. Agni arrives close to Rohini. He asks her about Zaira, if she doesn’t tell, she shoots him. After the attack, Rudra leaves India and hides in some country in Europe. He also takes girls, in which Zaira is also. In this way, while searching for Zaira, Agni reaches Rudra. A fierce fight ensues between the two, in which Rudra is killed. But here such a secret is opened in front of Agni, after knowing that she is surprised. What is that secret after all? Will Agni be able to save Zaira? You have to see the movie to know this. One of the things that disappoints the most here is the climax of the film. The kind of action movie that has been attempted, its climax should have been just as stylish. But Rajneesh Ghai has not been successful in this. His weak direction is the weakest side of the movie.

Rajneesh failed to create the balance

There’s an old saying in Hollywood, if an actor does well, there’s a chance that sooner or later someone will pay him enough money to make a great movie. Rajneesh Ghai has produced a film that establishes Kangana Ranaut as an action hero as an actor, but it’s a celebration of the weak, but at the cost of a weak script. It is not understood when the story is scattered amid the excess of action sequences and stunts. The story is the life of the cinema. Bollywood filmmakers should at least learn this from South Cinema. The lack of experience is clearly visible in Rajneesh Ghai, who makes his directorial debut. He has failed to strike a balance in the film. A strict director pays attention to all aspects of the film, but in the process of making the film action-oriented, all of Rajneesh’s attention remained on him and the story got out of hand. A 2 hour and 10 minute movie looks stretched out. Audience time could have been saved by shortening the length of the film.


Excellent acting and cinematography.

The strongest aspect of the movie ‘Dhaakad’ is the great acting and cinematography of the stellar cast. Kangana Ranaut as Agent Agni, Arjun Rampal as Villain Rudraveer, Divya Dutta as Rohini, ‘Bob Biswas’ Shashwat Chatterjee as International Task Force, and ‘The Family Man’ as Sharib Hashmi as Agent. Kangana, Arjun, and Divya have performed tremendously in their respective characters. People are fans of Kangana’s performance, but Divya and Arjun have surprised her. What a wonderful performance from both of them, who are seeing each other in negative roles for the first time. She has completely taken down a feared villain. The action sequences of the film are well done in choreography. Money has been spent on this like water. Inviting the best stunt directors from the United States, Canada and Japan has been a success. The cinematography by Japanese cameraman Tatsuo Nagata is top notch. He has enlivened the action sequence with his excellent cinematography.

Watch the movie or not?

There isn’t a lot of dialogue in the movie, but a lot of it is very effective. For example, “Separating the soul from the body is my business”, “We are all puppets, the door is still in the hands of the superior”, “Your problem is that you have started to think of yourself as the Messiah”. , “I’m not proud of who I am” and “I’ve become a bit of a feminist these days.” Overall, the movie ‘Dhaakad’ is an average movie. If you like Kangana Ranaut and want to see an action movie, you can watch this movie in theaters. Even if you don’t go, there’s no problem, in two months it will arrive on the OTT platform, then you’ll see.

iChowk.in Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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