Kangana Thalaivi’s movie may prove ineffective at the box office for these 5 reasons

Controversy Queen Kangana Ranaut’s long-awaited Bollywood film Thalaivi will be released on September 10. It will be published at the Pan India level in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. The first criticisms have started to pour in on the Jayalalithaa biopic, with Kangana playing the role of Jayalalithaa and Arvind Sen playing the role of MGR. Despite all this, Kangana’s sign is not auspicious for this movie. In the current situation, the film may be ineffective at the box office (Thalaivi Box Office Collection).

Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Kangana Ranaut has played the lead role in the biopic of Jayalalithaa.

1. Political position of Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who constantly speaks out against a faction in the country and specializes in buying up political feuds, has been labeled as a politician. He may not be openly involved in any political party, but he is considered a supporter of the BJP. He has been continuously defending Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opposing the Speaker of Congress, Sonia Gandhi. After the death of the film actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he had fiercely attacked Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, his son Aditya Thackeray and his Shiv Sena party. She keeps talking about controversial topics every day. Because of this, there may be opposition to Thalaivi in ​​some southern states. Especially in Tamil Nadu, where the number of BJP opponents is high. In such a situation, Kangana’s political position will definitely affect his movie.

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2. Kangana is not popular in the south

The filmmakers of the Thalaivi film have failed to generate interest through promotion and marketing. Along with this, a more important fact, which is going to affect the movie, is that Kangana is not popular in the Southern states. Kangana has very few followers in Tamil Nadu, while it is well known that the audience here watches more movies of their favorite stars. Each superstar in the South has his own followers, for whom people are willing to give their lives. Apart from this, many Southern star movies are also being released around Thalaivi, which may affect you. Shruti Haasan and Vijay Sethupathi’s film Labam opened on September 9. As many Tamil-Telugu films, including Tamannaah Bhatia and Gopichand’s film Sitamar, are about to be released, people may prefer to watch these films rather than Thalaivi.

3. Limited screen space

The film is shown in only a few cinemas in India. Theaters are still closed in Maharashtra, including Mumbai. This will definitely affect Thalaivi’s box office takings. More importantly, manufacturers are giving only two weeks for multiplexes, which means the film will open on OTT two weeks after its box office release. Because of this, box office sales will be hit hard. The owners of many multiplex chains like PVR plan to stop the release of the film in such a situation. The impact of this controversy will also affect the film’s earnings.

4. Movie promotion

Compared to the other Kangana films, the promotion of the Thalaivi film has been much lower. Due to the presence of Kangana in this movie, the people of the Hindi belt have gotten to know her, but in the south only few people have gotten to know this movie. Apart from this, blocking Kangana from Twitter has also become a major obstacle in his promotion. Twitter is a great platform for promoting movies. Kangana had millions of followers on Twitter, but lost access to them after Twitter suspended her account for her ‘malicious’ and ‘derogatory’ posts. This may also have an impact on Thalaivi’s performance at the box office.

5. Corona Pandemic

Corona has done a lot of damage to the film industry. From the filming of the movie to its release here, he has been affected by this. a. The film Thalaivi, directed by L Vijay, was also scheduled to be released on June 26, but due to the lockdown, it could not be shot for 7 months. Because of this, the release date had to be extended. Now that the film is ready for release, the filmmakers are concerned about its earnings. Before this film, Akshay Kumar’s film Bell Bottom and Amitabh Bachchan-Emraan Hashmi’s film Chehre were recently released. The earnings from these two movies are bad. Its box office performance has been very poor. In such a situation, what will happen to Thalaivi, only time will tell, but the indications are that the film’s box office gross will definitely suffer.

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