Kanhaiya Kumar: D Raja says that Kanaya is cheating; Expelled from IPC – cpi expels kanhaiya kumar


  • Kanaya cheated
  • Kanaya hadn’t said anything about leaving the party.
  • Kanaya did not pose any problem.

New Delhi: Secretary General D Raja has said that Kanaya Kumar has been expelled from the CPI. Raja said that Kanaya had betrayed communist ideas and the party. Kanaya was a member of the CPI National Executive Committee. Raja said that the CPI had saved Kanaya from the Sangh Parivar attacks.

Kanaya had informed him that she was leaving the party for personal reasons. People will come and cheat. The party is not personal. Kanaya Kumar did not become a leader through miracles. Raja said that Kanaya hadn’t told her to leave the party even when there were rumors. Kanaya had attended the national meeting of the CPI in early September. Raja said that Kanaya had not raised any problem.

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Kanam Rajendran replied that there was no opinion that Kanaya had cheated. Kanaya’s decision is regrettable. The IPC was not expected to go away. That is what the leadership was told. Kanam said that Kanaya had a problem with the Bihar component and it was resolved.

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Kanaya joined the Congress at the AICC headquarters. Besides Kanaya, Jignesh Mewani, an independent MLA from Gujarat and Dalit leader, also joined the Congress. Rahul Gandhi welcomed both to Congress. Jignesh Mewani and Kanaya Kumar join Rahul Gandhi and Gujarat Congress President Hardik Patel at Shaheed e-Azam Bhagat Singh Park in Delhi. Then he went to the headquarters of the Congress and accepted the membership.

Meanwhile, before joining Congress, Kanayyakumar, the air conditioner in his room, had left the CPI headquarters in Patna. Secretary of State Ram Naresh Pandey said Kanaya was an air conditioner bought on his own and there was nothing wrong with getting it back. Kanaya had rejected the party’s demand that a press conference be called to respond to rumors that he was leaving the party.

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