Kapil Sharma I’m not done yet Review: I’m going to love the story of comedian Kapil Sharma!

India has a rich tradition of storytelling. Panchatantra, Hitopadesha, Upanishads as well as religious, historical and heroic stories have been narrated to children in our homes. The tales of grandfathers and grandmothers will be remembered by the people of our generation even today. We have all heard hundreds of stories from the elderly in our childhood. In the digital age, YouTube is taking its place, but the practice of listening and storytelling continues to this day. Actually the anecdote is an interesting art of storytelling. His appearance has changed in the modern age. The American OTT platform has brought one such story on Netflix, the country’s famous comedian Kapil Sharma. But the stories of his anecdote are not taken from the Panchatantra, but in it he has exposed many secrets of his personal life.

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma’s show ‘I Am Not Done Yet’ is streaming on Netflix.

Sahil Chhabria is the director of the Netflix original show ‘Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet’. The show is produced by Banje Asia and Being You Studios. His story has been written by Kapil Sharma himself in collaboration with Anukalpa Goswami. The author of this story of his life is Kapil Sharma himself, so it is imperative to believe in the truth of him. Everyone knows that Kapil Sharma is a famous comedian, but the way he has told the story on this show has won people’s hearts. As he watches this, tears flow from the eyes of people who laugh and laugh in the name of comedy, as if there was joy after seeing the happy ending of an incident that happened in front. We must have heard many times that the eyes are moist with happiness, but while watching this program, you will come across this phrase many times.

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In this Netflix show, Kapil Sharma has revealed many great secrets of his life. He has remembered from his father to his love and his wife. He has remembered the struggle of his life. He has said how great was the contribution of the parents in doing so. He also recounted how his wife Ginni Chatrath, along with members of his family, had rescued him when he had sunk into the darkness of oblivion after climbing to the pinnacle of success. Even today, how much his family means to him, including his mother. Not only this, he has spoken the truth about himself in a very frank way on many topics, including intoxication, depression, controversy, and respect. As soon as we heard Kapil’s name, we began to expect comedy from him, but in this program, more than comedy, it has been very easy to talk about those serious topics, which we continue to meet every day.

Kapil Sharma while recounting the story of his career struggling days says, “After graduation, there was a break of three months. I came to Mumbai with some of my friends with Rs 1200. We had heard a lot that there is an underworld in Mumbai In such a situation, out of fear, I hid my money in my underwear. People say a lot that when I came to Mumbai, I was poor, I slept at the station. I would like to say that this does not happen. The policemen walk away with a stick. The man doesn’t even have a chance to think. My friends and I got off at Dadar station at 23:30. Then from there we went to a friend’s relative’s house. They asked us are you going to have breakfast? I said yes .So he gave us poha.I was confused to see that poha.I thought something else was wrong with it.I have never eaten such an empty poha in my life.

In this program, Kapil Sharma remembers his father many times from start to finish. He says that his father was in the police. He was very afraid of them. While coming from Mumbai, he sensed what his father would think of him. Kapil says, “When I came home from Mumbai, I saw that my dad was very happy. He had ordered beer for us from the fridge. He told me to bring my friends home at night. I felt that when people make fun of others after coming from Mumbai, I don’t know how my father would react. I was very afraid that daddy is going to say what he is going to say after drinking beer. That’s why I explained a lot to my friends that they would drink accordingly. But this It didn’t happen. He was very happy. He made me and my friends drink a lot of beer, spent a lot of time with a lot of laughs.

Whatever story Kapil Sharma tells on this show, it may be his, but after listening to him, it seems like he is our story. Children and young people who live in every middle class have to go through such a story. His punchline definitely brings laughs, but it makes you think about what and how it happens in his life with an ordinary man. In the first episode of his show that is streaming on Netflix, Kapil has also tried to answer all the questions that come to our mind for him. For example, what was the story behind your tweet tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter? What was going through his mind after meeting his beloved Ginni Chatrath for the first time? What was Ginni’s response after expressing love? How did she keep the promises made to her father? How has he reached this point of success? To know the answers to all these questions, this Kapil Sharma show must be seen once.

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