kapil sibal: Without president; Kapil Sibal – senior leader Kapil Sibal vs. Congressional leadership


  • Criticisms that the party does not have a president now
  • It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving office.
  • Criticism that those who believe they are loyal leave the party

New Delhi: Congressional leader Kapil Sibal lashed out at Congress on Monday for “unprofessional behavior.” He said that Congress does not have a president now and does not know who will make the decision. He said that those who thought the leadership was loyal were now leaving the party.

The demand for organizational elections has yet to be made. He said he was saddened that the party had come this way. “Our party doesn’t have a president now. We don’t know who will make the decision. We know, but we don’t know.” He said.

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The criticism of Kapil Sibal was made without naming anyone. Kapil Sibal’s criticism comes as a result of the congressional leaders’ stance on the Punjab issue. Kapil Sibal said they are Group 23 and not “Hazur 23”.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the Punjab CCP, Navjot Singh Sidhu, resigned. After resigning, Sidhu had said that there was no compromise and that the well-being of the people of Punjab was important to him. Cabinet ministers Razia Sultana and Pargat Singh had resigned in support of Sidhu. The ministers resigned two days after Charanjit Singh took over as government minister. Punjab CCP treasurer Gulson Chahal also resigned.

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Sidhu resigned after expressing dissatisfaction with the ministers’ decision. When Amarinder Singh resigned, Sidhu supposedly thought he would gain power. Sidhu had objected to Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa being given the original wallet when the wallets were repaired. The appointment of the state DGP and the General Counsel also went against Sidhu’s suggestion. Sidhu then resigned. After his resignation, Sidhu refused to hold talks with the leaders. Sidhu is rumored to join the Aam Aadmi Party.

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