Karnataka government decision: officials should not watch the media; Karnataka toughens its stance

Fear of politicians in Karnataka -PTI Photo / Shailendra Bhojak

Karnataka’s chief minister, Basavaraj Bommai, has warned government officials not to inform the media about government-level discussions and political issues.

Many ministers had complained that ministers were missing the opportunity to see the media, as the same officials informed the media about many decisions made in various departments. The Chief Minister then took this step to ensure transparency in administration. In addition, a section of senior officials, including ministers and additional senior secretaries, had filed complaints alleging that junior secretaries were focusing too much on these issues.

They not only inform the mainstream media, but also try to inform the public through online platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. In some cases, there are even situations where you express your own opinion. At the same time, the Chief Minister pointed out that despite some provisions of the Karnataka Civil Service Rules and Regulations regarding interaction with social media, newspapers and television, many government officials do not abide by them and this constitutes a violation of the code of conduct. .

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Meanwhile, Chief Secretary P Ravikumar had issued a circular on September 18 to all ISIS IPS secretaries and officers as circumstances surrounding the government intensified. The circular said officials should not release information on policy issues to the media without permission from the government.

In addition, Kumar advised all officials to follow the instructions in the circular and not to post their own comments on social media. Furthermore, there was a tendency among IAS and IPS officials to point to various government schemes as their own benefit. He also demanded in a circular that all this be stopped. However, the government move has angered IAS officials.

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The former Mysore Deputy District Commissioner had brought corruption allegations against JD (S) MLA Sara Mahesh and the officer had accused the MLA in front of the media. After this, SR Mahesh got angry in the Assembly, pointing out that what the former commissioner had done was wrong. Furthermore, JD (S) leader and former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy came out and said that he had made public statements without respecting civil service laws.

‘From what I understand, if there are any complaints against ministers, MLAs and government officials, they should be reported to the Chief Secretary in writing. If necessary, the complaint should be presented to the Chief Minister. But despite all this, it is a disciplinary violation for IAS and IPS officials to look directly at the media. That can never be accepted. – HD Kumaraswamy said in the assembly.

Furthermore, Kumaraswamy had criticized Chief Secretary P Ravikumar. Kumaraswamy criticized the Chief Secretary for going to Mysore instead of summoning the two to Bangalore to resolve the ongoing controversy over the corruption allegations between the MLA and the IPS officer. He added that this was the first such incident.


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