Kartik Aaryan absorbed Akshay Kumar as Roohbaba in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2!

People start mentioning Akshay Kumar as soon as they remember the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa. At the same time, we can now say that whenever Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is talked about, Karthik Aryan will definitely be talked about. However, if we say that Karthik Aryan has become a better actor than Akshay Kumar after this movie, then we would be wrong.

Karthik should not be compared to Akshay Kumar. Karthik himself has said that he has grown up watching Akshay. It is not correct to compare his role with Akshay’s role. We can definitely say that Kartik has assimilated Akshay in the role of Roohbaba. No other actor could stand up to Akshay Kumar in this role.

Akshay Kumar’s performance has not missed the lack of his natural comedy, because Karthik has not let him feel that lack. He seems to fit the role of Ruhbaba. It doesn’t even seem like they’re acting coercively. Karthik has also danced well in Manjolika’s song.

Regardless, Karthik resembles Akshay Kumar in appearance. Karthik’s face, smile, action and comedy largely match Akshay Kumar. That is why the audience has adopted Karthik Aryan in this movie instead of Akshay Kumar. However, it was not easy for Karthik Aryan to play this role. There was a lot of pressure on him because he knew that if the sequel is a movie, there will be comparisons.

Those who felt that Kartik Aaryan was unfit for this role, their complaints might now be gone.

When there was talk of making Bhool Bhulaiyaa movie and people found out that this time Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan are out of the movie, they were disappointed. Director Anees Bazmee said that Akshay Kumar did not fit the story of the film. So the complaints from those who found Karthik Aryan unsuitable for this character might now be gone.

Karthik has played this character honestly. In the horror comedy, Karthik Aryan has made Kiara laugh, scare and also fall in love with tremendous chemistry. When Karthik arrives at the entrance wearing black clothes and a Rudraksh garland, people are forced to whistle.

I was also one of those people who wanted to see only Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiya 2 as Akshay Kumar and Manjolika as Baba. At Bhool Bhulaiyaa, both of them won the hearts of the people with their performance. Because of that, the audience did not want to imagine seeing someone else in its sequel. The movie trailer above was also not that special but when I saw the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, I liked it.

It must be said that after a long time there was so much laughter and fear watching a movie. One more thing, the casting of this film also has power. The story of the film is completely new. This time, Tabu is winning the hearts of the people by becoming Manjolika. If you’re a fan of Vidya, you might miss her, but Kiara Advani has tried to fill that void with her flirtatious style. As Chhote Baba, Rajpal Yadav will make you laugh a lot by putting incense sticks in his hair.

So if you haven’t seen Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 yet, come watch it, because watching this movie can clear your mind. I am not a film critic. I’m not even reviewing the movie. Yesterday I saw this movie and I share my experience from the point of view of a normal viewer. Yes, if you have a problem with loud sound then you can take cotton to put in your ears. Until the rest of the movie went on, people were laughing.

There is an issue with this movie that there were no tickets available on weekends. The entire hall was packed. After the show ended, people discussed the movie as they walked out of the theater. This year it has become the first film to earn Rs 55.95 crore in the opening weekend. Whose opening on the first day was also great. Well, from a viewer’s point of view, all I have to say is that you won’t be disappointed after watching this movie.

One more thing, for those who said that Bollywood is over, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is a slap in the face. Kangana Ranaut has also congratulated the Bhool Bhulaiyaa team and said that the Bollywood drought is over. Now that Karthik has done a great job, there must be praise, because just like Akshay, this actor has also achieved this position on his own.

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