Kashmir Taliban: “Muslims in Kashmir have the right to defend their rights”; The Taliban have changed their position: the Afghan Taliban claim they have the right to speak on behalf of Muslims in Kashmir


  • He changed his mind within days of saying that he wanted a friendly relationship between India and Pakistan.
  • A spokesman for the Taliban said in an interview with the BBC
  • So far there has been no official response from the Indian side.

New Delhi: The Taliban have changed their position on Kashmir. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheed said they had the right to speak on behalf of Muslims in Kashmir.

The Taliban leadership changed positions days after saying it wanted a friendly relationship with India and Pakistan. A Taliban spokesman said in an interview with the BBC.

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“As a Muslim, you have the right to speak on behalf of Muslims in Kashmir, India or any other country.” A Taliban spokesman told the BBC.

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We will raise our voices and say that Muslims are their own people, even if they are their citizens.

So far, there has been no official response from the Indian side regarding the interview. Recently, India’s foreign affairs spokesperson had talks with a Taliban spokesperson. India has expressed concern that Afghanistan’s soil is not being used for anti-Indian activities or for terrorism.

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Taliban leader Anas Haqqani said after the talks that the Kashmir issue was not within his jurisdiction and he did not want to interfere.

The Taliban leader’s statement came amid fears that terrorism could escalate in Jammu and Kashmir as the Taliban strengthen. CNN-News 18 quoted Anas Haqqani as saying that the new Taliban government in Afghanistan wants good relations with India.

Earlier, senior Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai made a similar statement. This was followed by a new statement that raised concern.

The Taliban are reportedly still linked to Al Qaeda and Jaish-e-Muhammad, who are active in Jammu and Kashmir. The leaders of Jaish-e-Muhammad have been in talks with the Taliban to strengthen terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, according to various national media reports.

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UN agencies have confirmed that the Taliban have agreed to a peace agreement with the United States that says the Taliban should not be linked to Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda has issued a statement praising the Taliban for “liberating” Afghanistan, and has welcomed the Taliban to seize the territory, including Kashmir. Meanwhile, new reports are coming out.

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