Katrina Kaif is 5 years older than her husband Vicky Kaushal, is this age difference good?

Katrina kaif (Katrina Kaif) husband vicky kaushal (vicky kaush) 5 years older than Generally, the 5-year age difference between husband and wife is good in Indian society. (ideal age difference in husband and wife) It is believed. The only condition is that the boy is older, not the girl. Now if you look at this calculation, then there is an age gap in the Vicky-Katrina case. (Katrina Kaif Vicky Kaushal age gap) The opposite is true, but what difference is there because the age difference between the two is still the norm? Now, whether Vicky is older or Katrina, the ancestral understanding between the two will be the same.

Actually, Katrina is 38 years old and her husband Vicky Kaushal is 33 years old. Their marriage took place on December 9 at the Sawai Madhopur Palace. While many people were commenting backwards about this marriage, the queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut, praised her. Kangana has described this age difference between the two as a good move. Kangana says that now the big and successful Bollywood actresses are breaking the stereotype by marrying younger actors their age.

People make fun of girls older than their husbands by calling them their mothers.

Kangana has written that ‘Growing up, we heard a lot of those stories about rich men marrying young girls. When a woman is more successful than her husband, she is not accepted. Stop marrying a child, women could not even think of marrying after an age. Now it’s good to see that wealthy and successful Bollywood women are breaking this stereotype by changing gender-related thinking. What Kangana means is clear that now the people of society should adopt an older daughter-in-law and a more successful wife than her husband.

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After all, why do people want the husband’s age to be older than the wife’s? Not so that both of you can understand each other better and move on in life. The wife can learn from the experience of the older husband and the husband can take advantage of the younger wife’s point of view. Although the age difference does not matter where there is love, people want the age of the girl to be less than that of the boy. Suppose, on the contrary, that even if the girl is older than her husband, both of them can share similar experiences with each other.

In fact, in our society, the age difference between husband and wife is still considered taboo. These things become more dominant when the girl is older than her husband. In fact, people start making fun of girls older than their husbands by calling them “mothers.” Even today, people in society cannot accept the fact that the bride is older than her groom. When this happens, it’s about your respect. While science says something more about the age difference in marriage.

Although age is said to be just a number, the age difference can affect our relationships. Science says that if the age difference between husband and wife is smaller, then there is not much effect on their life, but if the age difference is too high, the chances of breakups in the relationship increase. According to a study conducted at Emory University in Atlanta, couples who are 5 years apart have an 18 percent chance of getting divorced.

On the other hand, the husband and wife who have a difference of 10 years, their chances of breaking the marriage increase by 39 percent. While in a couple with a difference of 20 years, the probability of divorce is considered to be up to 95 percent, which is the highest. Based on this, it is very good that Katrina is 5 years older than Vicky. Whether the husband is older or the wife, the age difference is perfect. It has nothing to do with gender.

This research says that couples who have their first child after marriage are 59 percent less likely to get divorced compared to couples without children. On the other hand, couples who have lived together for two years are 43 percent less likely to get divorced, and couples who have lived together for 10 years are 94 percent less likely to separate.

Understand with a few facts why the age difference is important in couples.

People believe that girls start to look old early, so for marriage, the age of the boy should be older than that of the girl.

Boys take responsibility at the age of 26, while girls realized this only five years ago. So if the child grows in age, he will be able to understand his responsibility.

If the age of the boy and the girl is the same, then the sense of responsibility will be missed and both will have to suffer. On the other hand, being the same age shows a lack of respect.

If there is an age difference between the partners, both will respect each other’s decision and will also cooperate with each other. Due to not having the same thought, the confrontation between the two happens quickly.

The attraction remains when there is an age difference between the two seeds, which strengthens the love between the two. Whereas in biological terms, if the age of the man is older than that of the woman, then it is considered good.

All of these things say that if the age gap between couples is considered ideal, then Vicky and Katrina’s partner perfectly fits this criteria. Now, even though Katrina is older in age, the age difference between the two is as much as society needs. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are still a couple, this is our only prayer.

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