Killings of civilians in Kashmir: “Attacking civilians”; Kashmir separatists’ new war: Kashmir kills ordinary citizen

Kashmir separatists adopt a new war strategy. The separatists, who had been carrying out constant attacks against the army and the police, have now turned against civilians. Supinder Kaur, headmaster of the government boys’ upper secondary school in Srinagar, and Deepak Chand, a teacher, were shot dead by a group of three masked men, according to reports.

As of October 7 this year, up to 28 civilians were killed in separatist attacks, IG Vijay Kumar of Kashmir said in a statement. Seven people died in October alone. Five of them belong to the Hindu-Sikh community. The other two are workers.

“These attacks are motivated by frustration with the police crackdown on militants and the leadership and the collapse of organizational structures. They are targeting unarmed policemen, civilians, politicians and minorities. The defendants used pistols in all of those cases. All this is being done by newcomers to terrorist organizations or those who have decided to join. Advertisers have also been found to be involved in some crimes. They will be identified and appropriate action taken. Minorities need not worry. ” the IG said in a statement.

Jammu and Kashmir Director General Dilbhag Singh told the Indian Express that the militants were using guns to kill civilians. Weapons are smuggled using drones. The violence is perpetrated primarily by an organization known as the Frente de Resistencia. They are all activists from Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba, ”said DGP.

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The country’s security apparatus attributes the increase in violence in the Valley to the arrival of small arms such as pistols across the border. Border security forces seized four pistols and ammunition at the Jammu border on Thursday.

According to the Indian Express, another official said that the increase in violence was due to the reduction of military deployment and the influx of weapons to the level before August 5, 2019, which excluded the constitutional protection that grants a special status to Kashmir. . The official also alleged that attempts were being made across the border to target and communalize minorities in the Kashmir Valley.

More murders in Srinagar

Srinagar had the highest number of civilian casualties. Nine people have died here. Five people died on Avantipora. Four were each killed in Anantnag and Sopore. More than a dozen BJP workers have been killed since the central government stripped Kashmir of special status.

According to The Print, the family of ML Bindru, a pharmacist who was killed yesterday, said the violence was due to fears by locals that the government was trying to change the demographic representation in Kashmir.

Bindu, a member of the Pandit faction, was shot dead on October 5 at a pharmacy in Iqbal Park in Srinagar. An hour after Bindru’s murder, Virender Paswan, a Panipuri merchant from Bihar, was killed. Within hours, taxi driver Mohammad Shafi Lone was killed in northern Kashmir. Supinder Kaur and Deepak Chand, principals of Government Boys Upper Secondary School in Srinagar, were killed on 7 October.

Responsible Resistance Front

The Resistance Front claimed responsibility for the killings. The organization alleged that Bindu was conducting RSS seminars under the guise of a pharmacy. They allege that the failure to stop the operation despite repeated warnings led to the murder. Bindu’s family has denied the allegations from the RSS seminar.

The group alleges that Supendra Kaur and Deepak Chand were killed for misbehaving to students and parents who refused to comply with the government’s directive to raise the national flag in schools on Independence Day. Other teachers say the attackers shouted: “Raise the flag!” The group said in a statement that Mohammad Shafi had killed Lone because he was spying for the police.

The attacks have intensified after the central government repealed Section 370, which gives Kashmir special status. Five West Bengal Muslim workers were killed in October 2019 in the Kulgam district of southern Kashmir. Satpal Nischal, a jewelry store owner in Srinagar, was assassinated on December 31, 2020. The violence was further perpetrated by the Resistance Front.

The Resistance Front will make its debut in October 2019 by throwing a grenade at a market in the city of Srinagar. Later he attacked the army and the police. The police allege that Lashkar-e-Taiba is a front-line organization operating on instructions from Pakistan.

The center says it will eradicate the terrorists

According to the Hindustan Times, the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah has ordered that severe measures be taken against those who kill civilians. He also ordered to send officials to Kashmir who are experts in counterterrorism operations. Tapan Dekka, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is among those going to Kashmir. They will cooperate with local police to crack down on militants operating in Srinagar on Pakistani instructions.


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