KK was less visible in the Bollywood glare but sold well

In the age of 21st century Spotify, when music usually means Neha Kakkar to most people, KK is still a teenager for ‘naam suna sa lagta hai’. Yes, just the name. In the era of Arijit Singh, Armaan Kohli Shaan, Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu and even Abhijeet are easy to spot at once, but spotting Krishan Kumar Kunnuth is like solving a puzzle. They were less visible in the dazzling glare of Bollywood. But they sold out. His sudden death while singing in old age is as disturbing as it is that he lived purely sattvik in the age of extreme impurity. Away from alcohol, cigarettes. Daily exercise. Regular and balanced routine. So what a sudden heart attack. Something happens. The police suspect murder. The investigation is underway.

KK’s voice is such that it goes straight to the heart and the man is hypnotized

Well, the heart also has a will. The pump is also a machine after all!

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In our teens, when mounds of Rainbow FM channels were covered in swelling like prickly heat after rain, KK songs chilled our souls like ice cubes. Who was the lover at that time who did not dedicate ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’ to his beloved through any radio station program. His heart was not considered broken, the fact that he had not cried while he was listening to ‘Yeh Dil Se of Taap Tadap’.

When the tears dry up after crying, then a person would say to a philosopher: ‘Where does the poor know if he is unhappy or open, this pain is good for me from the joy of the city, the celebration does not like, the fun has come only in sorrow. . I told him from my heart to find happiness, meaninglessness brought sadness, so this sadness is correct.

The ego hurts taken or given. yours. Upset. When we got rid of our hands, by putting our share of sadness, helplessness and most of the anger in the pain, how uneasily said KK now what else to say, when you have said, goodbye…

Where was Deepika ‘Deepu’ at the time? When she wears a fuchsia dress with kajal caulking, she waves her hands and turns to look at her Jabra fan. smiles Shahrukh Khan collapses in the mouth and the song sounds, Teri nazron ne dil ka ki johshar, the effect is this, now I should drown in this, par yehi hai dua. You have strange expressions in your eyes.

As I write this, the characteristic melody of this song is ringing in my ears. This is KK Friends of our teenagers. Those who give permanence to our love by giving away an alphabet. Helpers to express love to our lovers. Those who cry singing sorrow without tears. Witness our soggy pillows. Our anger, restlessness, misguidance, friend of banjara paan KK Now that you are gone, how will you understand, what kind of fire is this, in which there is neither smoke nor spark…

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Goodbye KK! We can never forget you…

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The departure of the singer KK is not tolerated or the cause of death.

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