KL Rahul’s comment on the Twitter clash between Kohli and Dhoni fans


  • KL Rahul praises MS Dhoni as ‘excellent captain’
  • Rahul says that Dhoni can respect his teammates
  • Dhoni and Kohli collide on Twitter

New Delhi: Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are among the best Indian captains of all time. Dhoni holds the record for captaining India to win all ICC tournaments. Virat Kohli is the captain with the record for consecutive victories. There is always controversy among fans as to who is the better of the two.

A reference to KL Rahul has once again caused controversy among Kohli Dhoni fans. In an interview with Forbes India, Rahul praised Dhoni. Rahul said it was a great privilege to be able to play under Dhoni’s captaincy and that he has won many tournaments. Respect for his teammates is one of the great things Rahul sees in Dhoni’s captaincy.

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When Rahul says that Dhoni is the captain who has led the country to incredible success, fans find it as an indirect criticism of Virat Kohli. Although he didn’t play much with Dhoni, Rahul’s debut was with Dhoni. The first century was when Dhoni was the captain.

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Fans are now discussing Rahul’s mention of Dhoni and Kohli’s accomplishments. While Dhoni fans applauded Rahul, Kohli fans criticized Rahul’s hitting. Rahul, who has struggled to find stability in the Indian team for a long time, is ready to answer this with his performance.

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