Kohli loses in big tournaments, what about this?

Why can’t Virat Kohli shine in the finals / semi-finals of the big tournaments? After Sachin Tendulkar, Kohli is the most promising player in India. But often, at crucial moments, Kohli and his captain fail. In the ICC rankings, Kohli ranks second in ODI, fourth in testing and fifth in T20. Still, he couldn’t make a good entrance at the right time.

The beginning of coli

During the 2011 World Cup final, Kohli was a normal player on the Indian team. There were other players on the team that we expected more than Kohli. But even though Kohli scored just 35 runs in that game, that inning and his association with Gambhir was crucial. Kohli’s best innings was born in 2012. He scored 133 * on 86 balls against Sri Lanka in Hobart and 183 * (148) against Pakistan in Dhaka that year. Although those two entries did not help India reach the final, the Indians began to see Kohli as the answer to the question of who would succeed Tendulkar.

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Champions Trophy Final

Kohli’s victory by 43 (34) in the final of the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy was crucial. India’s next big final was the 2014 T20 final. Kohli was in good shape with 77 of 58 balls against Sri Lanka that day, but a poor tackle by Yuvraj Singh led to the defeat of India. The 2015 World Cup was the tournament in which India played in the best form. Kohli, however, only managed one run in the semi-final against Australia. In the semifinals of the 2016 T20 World Cup, Kohli scored 89 on 47 balls, but the West Indies won the match thanks to Simmons and Russell.

It happened in 2017


Champions Trophy Final 2017. India won the match. But Indian cricket fans had a lot to expect from Kohli as Pakistan extended Fakhar Zaman’s goal of 339 to put India ahead. However, the Pakistani fielder blew the chance Kohli was given with 5 runs, but couldn’t capitalize on it and we saw Kohli come out again with the next ball. Semi World Cup 2019. Kohli’s destiny was to come out with 1 run rather than lead the team to victory by playing a grand inning.

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Performance in the IPL

The situation is no different in the IPL. Kohli has led the Royal Challengers for many years, but he has yet to help his team win the trophy. In the end, he failed to change his head in the final of the World Test Championship. Kohli, we expected a lot from you. Before the start of the test, if a winning inning of a match was expected, we think there would be at least one inning to save the match in the second inning. But they were both out of place.

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Talent cannot be capitalized

Why is this happening? Either because of the weight of excessive expectations or because of the pressure exerted by the position of captain. Whatever it is, it is a fact that despite having such a great player, the team does not benefit at the crucial moment. Koli is also a man. A man with bones, flesh, feelings and thoughts like us. While you acknowledge that you have such a deficiency, it is a question of what the team management has done to address this despite knowing that you have this deficiency. India is a country with many great psychologists and counselors. With the help of one of them, Kohli can get rid of this problem. I want to know what approach Coach Ravi Shastri is taking on this.

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