Konkunad: Why is BJP afraid of DMK; Congress also opposes the partition of Tamil Nadu


  • And the DMK in opposition
  • The DMK said that no one had even dreamed of the issue.
  • BJP leader wonders why DMK is afraid

Chennai: After the DMK, Congress is also in the fray against the campaign demanding the partition of Tamil Nadu. BJP Vice President N Nagendran asked why DMK was afraid of forming a new union territory called Kongu Nadu, centered in northwestern Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, more parties demonstrated against the state partition movements.

There are rumors that there is a movement to form a new Union Territory that focuses on parts of Tamil Nadu that share a border with northern Kerala. But BJP Tamil Nadu Vice President N Nagendran questioned why DMK feared the move. He said that people wanted a change in the region and the BJP was of the opinion that this should happen. But BJP state spokesperson ANS Prasad also said there should be no undue reactions on the issue via social media.

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In the past, some local organizations had come out demanding the partition of Tamil Nadu, but the campaign did not take root. The BJP’s response last year was that there was no need to divide Tamil Nadu as a developed state. But in the current situation, there are reports that there are two views within the party. Opposition groups have accused the BJP of trying to divide the state for political purposes.

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DMK leader Kanimozhi said that no one can divide Tamil Nadu and no one has demanded this. Kanimozhi said that no one had ever dreamed of dividing Tamil Nadu. She was responding to a report in a Tamil newspaper about the decision to divide Tamil Nadu. At the same time, the leader of Congress, KS Alagiri, said that such campaigns were part of a ploy to cover up the failure of the central government. Alagiri said it was a planned project, but the BJP plan failed.

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Alagiri said such divisive efforts came at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was facing opposition within the BJP. No one in Tamil Nadu has demanded the division of the state as in Andhra Pradesh. The Telangana region was lagging behind in development. But he said that the Konkunad area was developed and asked if someone would divide that area.

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