Kovid cases are active in Mumbai after hiatus

Active cases of Kovid-19 are on the rise in Mumbai after a breach in recent days. Kovid-19 cases are on the rise in Mumbai after a 52-day gap. Despite the increase in cases in Mumbai, the fact that there are fewer new cases in the state as a whole is a slight relief. The state reported 4,057 cases and 67 deaths. Currently, 64.86 lakh of Kovid cases have been recorded in the state. On Sunday, 495 cases were reported in Mumbai. This is the highest number reported since July 15. At that time, 528 people were diagnosed with the disease. So far, 15,993 people have died from Kovid in the state. The number of active Kovid cases in Mumbai is increasing day by day. 3561, 4,003 a day later. Currently, 52% of asymptomatic patients live in covered homes or centers. Forty-eight percent of the patients are hospitalized. Of these, 16.7 percent receive oxygen. 7% of people are in ICU. State officials have called for increased inspections. With this, Mumbai has become one of the five main districts in Maharashtra that reports the highest number of Kovid cases. Between 200 and 300 cases were reported in the first three weeks of August. The city of Mumbai is poised to climb to seventh position as Kovid cases are not that high. But from that low point to the point where the weekly positivity rate is now increasing. The test positivity rate for the last week of August was 2.58 percent and is likely to increase to 2.71 percent by September 4. “There has been a slight increase in the number of active cases in the state in the last ten days,” said Dr. Pradeep Vyas, Additional Chief Secretary for Health, according to the Times of India. He spoke in an online presentation at a conference on Kovid’s management in the state. According to the conference, 72 percent of active cases in the state are in the top five districts. In Pune alone, about 30% of active cases were reported. Thane reported 14 percent, Satara 12 percent, Ahmednagar 10 percent, and Mumbai 8 percent. Addressing the function, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that political parties and the people should avoid crowds as much as possible and eliminate life-threatening activities. ‘The necessary infrastructure for the health sector has been increased. But there are some limitations to oxygen production and its availability, “said Uddhav Thackeray. ‘We still use 150 metric tons of oxygen for non-Kovid patients. 200 metric tons of oxygen are also used for Kovij’s patients, ”Thackeray explained. At the same time, he harshly criticized the opposition for demanding the reopening of places of worship. “Some people go around wanting us to reopen all the temples. But we don’t want to have to close all this one more time. We never want to play politics with people’s lives. ‘ Said the CM. There are currently 8 districts in Maharashtra with weekly test positivity rates higher than the state average. The eight districts are Pune, Ahmednagar, Satara, Sangili, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Osmanabad, and Nashik. ‘All of these districts are of great concern. These are the districts where Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp. So we have to be vigilant, ”Vyas said. There is a lack of inspection in some districts. He added that all inspections should be increased. Vyas said the state can only do a maximum of 3 lakhs of testing per day, of which 2.5 lakhs of testing are conducted daily. Be very careful as all celebrations will take place in connection with Vinayaka Chaturthi. Before that, it was necessary to educate people in those districts so that the spread of the virus could be prevented, an official said.

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(Compiled by Shruthi CR)

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