Kovishield and Kovacs must be approved; Otherwise, quarantine in India; The center strengthens its control over the European Union


  • India hardened its stance
  • Vaccines manufactured in India must be included in the European Covid Certificate
  • The central government will continue the discussion

New Delhi: India has lobbied the European Union to approve the Indian-made Kovid 19, Kovshield and Kovax vaccines. Two more vaccines need to be included in the vaccine list for the EU Covid Vaccine Certificate. India has warned that travelers from the European Union will have to comply with quarantine in India until demand is met.

The measure occurs when the Covid 19 Digital Certificate or Green Pass of the European Union enters into force on July 1. Those who have completed two doses of the vaccine and completed the prescribed period will be exempt from quarantine. For this certificate to be approved in India, the Central Government requires the EU to also approve vaccines manufactured in India.

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The vaccine, developed jointly by the University of Oxford and the British company AstraZeneca, is approved by the EU. The same vaccine is distributed in India under the name Kovishield. However, Adar Poonawala, CEO of the Serum Institute of India, the makers of the vaccine, said he had approached the European Union for approval of the vaccine. He said the permit would be issued within a month.

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Currently, four vaccines are approved by the European Union Covid Certificate. Oxford: The AstraZeneca vaccine includes the vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine (Comirnati), the modern vaccine (Spike vaccine), and the Johnson vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson. Although widely distributed in India, Kovaxin is not listed unless approved by the World Health Organization.

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Foreign Minister S Jayasankar said the issue will be discussed with EU officials and G20 foreign ministers.

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