KRK specializes in stirring up controversy, consider this your full-time job

KRK aka Kamal Rashid Khan suddenly came into the spotlight after Bigg Boss. Before that, one of his films ‘Deshdrohi’, which is considered the worst Bollywood film, was released. After going to Bigg Boss, KRK understood one thing: if he wants to stay in the discussions, then he has to keep arguing. There he made a lot of noise. The controversies that arose from him had given him a new identity. After leaving Bigg Boss, he made controversy his weapon.

He began to make controversial statements on all topics. For this, Twitter became the medium. He started writing about the big Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Karan Johar backwards. He also made such a controversial comment about actors Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan who died in the year 2020. A case was registered against him for this matter. Two years later, Mangalavar was arrested after arriving in Mumbai from Dubai.

KRK, who secretly arrived in Mumbai from Dubai, was unaware that the police were anxiously waiting for him.

After arresting Kamal Rashid Khan, Mumbai police took him to Borivali court, from where he was held in judicial custody for 14 days. Kamal has been living in Dubai for a long time. But from morning to night, he used to be attentive to the problems that were happening in India. He used to give his controversial opinion on every topic. For some time, he had also declared himself a film critic. After this, his knowledge of Bollywood came to the fore.

Alam was that, like astrologers, he also began to predict the success and failure of movies. From Karan Johar to Salman Khan used to be in the target of him. He used to say goonda without taking Salman’s name. But accepting the hostility of so many people was overwhelming for KRK. He did not know at all that as soon as he entered Mumbai, the Mumbai police sitting waiting for him would arrest him. They will have to remain behind bars in jail.

KRK wrote after actor Irrfan’s death on April 29, 2020: “I said a few days ago that Corona will not go away until some famous people take with them. I didn’t write the names then, because people would abuse me, but I knew beforehand that Rishi and Irfan would go. I also know whose next issue will be.” On April 30 this year, he wrote, “Rishi Kapoor was admitted to HN Reliance Hospital. I just want to tell you sir, come back soon after you recover, don’t go out, because the liquor store is about to open in just 2-3 days.

People reacted strongly to this insensitive comment made by KRK in the desire for popularity. However, he also wanted people to respond to his words, so that his name could be discussed. But here he couldn’t understand one thing that a case could be registered against him and he could also go to jail. Based on his statements, the Shiv Sena Yuva Sena Central Committee had filed a case at the Malad Police Station.

KRK is an expert at keeping the flames of controversy burning. If you want to see it, take a look at his Twitter profile. He tweets 15-20 in a day. It seems that tweeting is his full time job. He definitely gives his opinion on all controversial or trending topics related to India. Whether in cricket or in the movies, his opinion comes first. Under the guise of doing movie reviews, he keeps dabbling in Bollywood.

This is not the first time Kamal Rashid Khan’s name has made headlines due to some controversy. Recently, his feud with Bollywood’s Dabang Khan Salman had caught fire. In one of the videos he called the actor corrupt during the review of Salman Khan’s movie ‘Radhe’. He made serious allegations of fraud with his company Being Human. He also claimed that Salman is also involved in issues like money laundering. Angered by these accusations, Salman filed a libel case against him. However, KRK said that due to the poor review of the movie ‘Radhe’, Salman has filed this case against him.

KRK shared a video ahead of the release of the movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ and talked about the breakup between him and Aamir Khan. He recounted that he had asked Aamir to post a few lines about his biography on social media, which the actor refused. After this, KRK had said that he would accept Aamir’s film only after making it a huge flop. He did that too. On Twitter, there was a negative campaign about the film.

Similarly, in the year 2015, he created a ruckus by saying that Karan Johar had offered him Rs 25 lakh to get positive reviews for his movie ‘Bombay Velvet’. Sharing a screenshot of a text message on Twitter, he wrote: “Karan Johar sir has offered me Rs 25 lakh for a good review of your movie Bombay Velvet.” Not only this, he also claimed that Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap had threatened him to stop giving criticism.

When the controversy between Salman Khan and KKR was at its height, singer Mika Singh openly sided with Salman. She made many videos in favor of her and said that she bad-mouthed KRK. She even released a song called ‘KRK Dog’. After this, KRK fell behind Mika Singh. There was a lot of verbal warfare between the two. In this, they both saw each other on top of each other. Neither Mika Kam nor KRK. The dispute between the two was in discussion for several months.

Well, the wonderful thing about people like Kamal Rashid Khan is that we all care about that person. he listens to his words. Give your opinion about his words. If we stop reacting to the words of such controversial people, they themselves will fall silent one day. If even after that, the law must be appealed. As it happened this time. KRK, who has lived in Dubai for a long time, must now understand what he has done wrong. However, speaking of chest pain, he has made arrangements for hospital beds for the time being. But how long will the mother of the goat celebrate well? She will have to go to jail one day or another.

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