kt rama rao: fined for your vehicle; പൂച്ചെണ്ടുമായി മന്ത്രി – telangana minister kt rama rao praised traffic police officers in hyderabad who fined his vehicle

Hyderabad: The minister met personally with the police officer who fined his vehicle. Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao went to the police station and congratulated them for daring to fine his vehicle.

The minister commended Deputy Inspector Ilayya and Sheriff Venkateshwaralu for their sincere work. The fine was imposed after the minister’s vehicle turned from the wrong side.

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The incident took place on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti. When the minister left Bapu Ghat after paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the driver of his vehicle went the wrong way to Bapu Ghat to call the minister.

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The Governor of Telangana, Tamilsai Soundarajan, the Governor of Haryana, Bandaru Dattatreya, and the Minister of the Interior, Mahmood Ali, were also present on the occasion. The driver of the KTR vehicle arrived at Bapu Ghat the wrong way as the road was blocked to allow traffic to pass. The police saw this and stopped the vehicle. This led to a dispute with the police and some party leaders.

Subsequently, the police fined the minister’s vehicle and ordered him to leave. Two days after the incident, the minister called the police at his office.

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Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar also visited the office. In his presence, the minister congratulated the policemen. The minister gave them bouquets and shawls. He said the law applies equally to ordinary citizens and representatives of the people in power.

Laws are for everyone, citizens or public representatives. He also said that the government supports officials who work sincerely.

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The minister said that he was always following traffic rules and that he was not in the vehicle at the time of the incident. He also paid a fine of Rs 1,100 for driving in the wrong direction. He shared the video on Twitter.

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