Kunal’s amazing performance has made the web series interesting!

The life of a policeman is very difficult. His personal life is almost ruined due to him chasing crime and criminals all the time. At home, the wife curses that she does not give him time, her son begins to move away from her, because he is still dead for the love of the father. Many times, the department for which a policeman works, putting everything at stake, also begins to look at him with suspicion. It was no small mistake that it was discontinued. The third season of the web series ‘Abhay’ based on the similar life of a police officer is broadcast on the OTT platform Zee5.

This web series made under the Zee Studios brand is directed by Ken Ghosh. His story is co-written by Sudhanshu Sharma, Deepak Das, Srinivas Abrol, Shubham Sharma, and Aparna Nadig. In this, actors like Kunal Khemu, Vijay Raj, Rahul Dev, Tanuj Virwani, Divya Agarwal, Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh have major roles. In the last two seasons, people have really liked the story of this web series. Now the third season has been released. In this one, actor Kunal Khemu is in the avatar of Super Cop. As in both seasons, in the third he is also solving the crime of the crime committed by the serial killers.

The third actor of the web series ‘Abhay’ will be remembered for the best performance of Kunal Khemu.

After the release of the web series ‘Abhay 3’, the audience started giving their opinion about it on social media. People praise actor Kunal Khemu’s tremendous performance and count the best performance of him so far. He says that the last two seasons have been a success because of its brilliant story, but the third season will be remembered for Kunal’s performance. He has put his life into the role of Super Cop. Along with it, the performance of Divya Aggarwal and Vijay Raj is also significantly contributing to making the web series the best. Whenever Vijay Raj comes, he is always stunned.

One user writes on Twitter: “Divya Aggarwal has acted amazingly and unbelievably in the 3rd season of web series Abhay. Her attitude looks amazing. She has set the character of Harleen on fire. Seeing her performance, jealousy starts. This It’s just the beginning, Divya is going to go a long way.” Another user wrote: “I watched the 3rd season of Abhay web series on Zee5 after which I can say this is the best crime thriller series ever. It is highly underrated. The entire cast team along with Kunal Khemu have given a great performance.kudos to mastermind Ken Ghosh for giving another best series.

Let’s also see other users’ posts about the ‘Abhay 3’ web series…

We inform that in this web series, Kunal Khemu has played the character of Abhay Pratap Singh, a brave officer of the Special Task Force. In this season, he faces new difficulties. A newscaster Sonam Khanna (Asha Negi) mysteriously dies. In this case, the needle of police suspicion begins to turn on Abhay Pratap Singh. His junior police officer, Khushboo (Nidhi Singh), questions Abhay, surprising him. On the other hand, murders keep happening one after another in the city.

After some time, he learns that many people are being sacrificed in the name of soul liberation in the city. All of these murders occur at the behest of Anant (Vijay Raj), who believes that those who do good deeds should be set free. Anant, who took the lives of innocent people, is also known by the name of death. However, death alone cannot do this job. That is why he takes the help of Avatar (Rahul Dev) and Nidhi (Vidya Malvade) for his sinful work. Vijay Raj’s character is mysterious.

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