Lakhimpur kheri incident: Rahul goes UP; Sidhu wants Priyanka to be released; Punjab warns of march to UP – Rahul Gandhi to visit families of farmers killed in lakhimpur tomorrow


  • Priyanka’s arrest was recorded 30 hours after she was detained
  • Sidhu wants Priyanka to be released
  • Punjab to UP march warning tomorrow

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi is ready to visit Lakhimpurkheri, where the farmers died. The five-member team led by Rahul will return to UP on Wednesday. Rahul is preparing to visit Lakhimpur as the UP government is blocking the visit of several leaders. AICC working committee member KC Venugopal has written to the UP government requesting permission to travel.

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Former CCP Chairman Navjot Singh Sidhu has warned that he will march from Punjab to Uttar Pradesh if Priyanka is not released. Sidhu tweeted that he would march from Punjab to UP tomorrow if the son of the Union minister responsible for the massacre of farmers was not arrested and Priyanka was not released.

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Meanwhile, it is alleged that Priyanka Gandhi, who was arrested for protesting the Lakhimpurkheri incident, was not even allowed to see her lawyers. Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi has said that the Uttar Pradesh police have yet to clarify the charges against her, even 38 hours after she was arrested. Priyanka said she had not received any orders or documents related to the case.

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“I saw a piece of paper with my name on it along with the names of eleven people on social media. Eight out of eleven people were not there when I was arrested. The names of the two people who brought me clothes on the night of October 4 they are also on the list of detainees. ” Priyanka clarified.

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Priyanka said she was not brought before a magistrate or allowed to see her lawyer. Priyanka Gandhi was detained by UP police on Monday while on her way to Lakhimpurkheri, where farmers were killed. Priyanka was arrested on charges of disturbing public order. A case against Priyanka has been registered in Sitapur, UP police said.

No one to see their misery … families without roads and without water

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