Lal Singh Chaddha’s losses could have been reduced in Pakistan, Aamir Khan now only has the support of China!

The official Bollywood adaptation of Forrest Gump ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ was widely released in theaters on Thursday this week. Despite being a pan-Indian drama, Lal Singh Chaddha was highly disliked by the Indian audience. The direct effect of audience apathy can be clearly seen in the business of the first two days of the film starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Naga Chaitanya. While Aamir’s film made a modest opening of just Rs 12 crore at the Indian box office on the first day, the second day earnings also failed to meet expectations. The film earned only 7.44 crores on the second day. While on the second day, Lal Singh Chaddha’s business seems to have dropped as much as 35% compared to Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan earned 6.40 on the second day, which is a decrease of only 22 percent compared to the first day.

Where the creators of Lal Singh Chaddha hoped that the film could cause a sensation in India and abroad. Especially Pakistan and China. In this hope, a media group in Pakistan had attempted to release the film. But there was failure. Some reports claim that Cinepex Media Group had required a no-objection certificate from the Pakistani government for the showing of Aamir’s film in theaters. But the government has rejected it. Had the demand been accepted, the screening of Lal Singh Chaddha could have taken place.

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Aamir Khan is paired with Kareena Kapoor in Laal Singh Chaddha.

Paramount has the right to show/sell the film abroad

Global distribution rights for Lal Singh Chaddha have been awarded to Paramount Pictures. Paramount is famous for the distribution of Hollywood movies. Laal Singh Chaddha, an adaptation of the original Forrest Gump film, was distributed by Paramount itself. Cinepax’s own general manager, Saad Baig, confirmed things about Lal Singh Chaddha that the company requested permission for the release of the film throughout Pakistan. He has also expressed the hope of getting NOC.

Although the Central Film Certification Board and the Sindh Film Certification Board have not shared any details on the matter, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is told, citing sources, that the matter is under consideration. While another source claims that the Government of Pakistan has clearly told Cinepax that no film or project made in India will be released in Pakistan.

Why are Bollywood movies not released in Pakistan?

In fact, in the year 2019, there were many one-on-one terrorist incidents that had an impact on the mutual relations between India and Pakistan. Some terrorist incidents and air strikes brought the relationship between the two countries to a critical point. After this, when the Government of India abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, removed Article 370 and divided it into Union Territories, the Government of Pakistan did many pretentious actions regarding India, in which they also prohibited indian movies. No Bollywood movie has been released there since August 5, 2019.

Did Paramount intentionally receive the distribution rights?

There has been a tremendous atmosphere of Bollywood movies in Pakistan, just like in India. Bollywood content is highly appreciated there. It can also be gauged by the fact that after the ban on Indian movies, the entertainment business in Pakistan, especially cinemas, has faced enormous difficulties. Currently working there with dubbed Hollywood movies. The creators may have felt that by giving the distribution rights to a foreign company in the form of Paramount and therefore Bollywood films can be shown directly in Pakistan via Hollywood instead of India.

In this process, the Indian producers or distributors are largely not involved for the Pakistani release, and the possibility of any controversy related to the film due to Pakistan would also have been eliminated. It cannot be said that it is solid, but maybe it is trying to find an alternative in this way to show Lal Singh Chaddha there. Had the Pakistani government agreed, the film could have been shown there. Surely Lal Singh Chaddha’s investors would have benefited from this, but Pakistan’s movie theaters would also have come to life. In all the countries of the world where there is no mutual relationship, this type of commercial process is seen through third countries.

Now Aamir Khan’s movie awaits business from China!

It cannot be said for sure whether the film will be shown in Pakistan or not. Had the film been shown, it is very likely that the commercial losses in India would have been offset to some extent there. But still, China is a great option for Aamir. Aamir’s films are watched fervently in China. Dangal had only made profit records in China. Even the actor’s Secret Superstar, which arrived in the year 2017, failed to earn Rs 100 crore in India, but the film achieved unprecedented business in China. If Lal Singh Chaddha launches in China, then the possibility of better business there cannot be ruled out.

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