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Right now, when I was thinking of writing a few lines in memory of Lata ji, at the same time a street vendor from some corner of my town was promoting his products by putting this song sung by Lata ji from the movie ‘Fakira’ on his cart. From the song lines, there was no resemblance between the expressions that came to my mind and the work of the street vendor, except that it was Lata’s voice and we were all connecting with Lata’s voice. This voice that connects us all on the level of interest has now been silenced forever. Lata Mangeshkar, the famous singer and famous for Bharat Ratna Swar Kokila, does not need any introduction, nor do I have any status to write anything about her singing.

Lata Mangeshkar’s voice has been silenced forever, in such a situation, fans also remember Lata ji with moist eyes.

He began singing for movies at the age of twelve. Initially, she also worked in a few movies as a child artist, but eventually chose playback singing for her career, that too at a time when Shamshad Begum and Noor Jahan’s singing was a fan of Bollywood. For about sixty years, she ruled a Chhatra with her sister Asha Bhosle in the field of playback singing.

He sang for every mood, every occasion. From the loving exhalation of a Kaishorya heroine to the worship of Nirguna and Nyare, the song of her has spread. But it is very interesting to know how she was associated with Lata to an ordinary Indian who has no taste for music. Lata Mangeshkar got the love of listeners of all ages and generations.

We all know the role of film music in popular life in India. The popularity of Lata, who had become a legend in the field of playback singing during his lifetime, spread beyond the Hindi-speaking region to the entire Indian subcontinent. There is hardly any playback singer whose songs are sung simultaneously in all regions and regions of India.

There is hardly any emotion or moment where there is no song in Lata’s voice to hum. If you don’t believe, then search for any word or emotion in your mind and find a good song on it. Your search will finally be satisfied only in some old song sung by Lata.

Lata Mangeshkar was 92 years old but she was Lata Tai or Lata Didi to everyone. There has hardly been any honor or award from India that has not been honored by him. She was the real Bharat Ratna who gave voice to some 30 languages ​​and recorded thirty thousand film and non-film songs.

Our generation, born in the 1980s, heard and understood cinema and its music in cities through feature films and programs based on Chitrahaar and Rangoli movie songs in Doordarshan. Similarly, Vividh Bharati, broadcast on radios dressed in leather shells in a nook and corner of a barber shop, in remote villages, echoed Lata’s voice in every home.

The songs that were played on the deck at each wedding or the songs mixed in the video recordings of the wedding were almost all songs with her own voice. It is a matter of childhood. She was very young, maybe nine or ten years old. Once a schoolmate said during an argument that America is asking for Lata Mangeshkar’s throat! The scientists there will do experiments on him to learn the secret of his melodious voice.

It was new news for me but it was an opportunity for Lata to understand her voice and above all her popularity and value. Similarly, the story of Nehru crying in his song ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon Zara Aankh Mein Bhar Lo Paani’ would also be in some corner of everyone’s mind even today, telling the value of Lata’s voice.

It is all these stories that transfer personality and creativity from one generation to another in the form of fables and from which the public’s mind popularizes a person, saves it in its memory and preserves it. In the last twenty years, Lata ji had almost stopped singing in movies.

The song ‘Na Jaane Mere Dil Ko Kya Ho Gaya’ with Kajol in the film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and ‘Do Pal Ruka Khwaon Ka Caravan’ for Preity Zinta in the film Veer Zara are among the last songs she sang in the world of the reproduction. singing It is disturbing that now we can hear Lata ji but we can never see her again.

Much has been written and read about Lata Mangeshkar’s singing and technique. There is nothing new that my pen can write about him. Except to say hello! Goodbye Lata didí. We have all already installed you in our hearts.

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