Lata Mangeshkar: The singers said with ‘love, respect and prayer’ – no ghost and no future!

Following the deaths of Swara Kokila and Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, a wave of mourning has spread across the country. Lata Didi, who was admitted to Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital after complaining of corona and pneumonia, took her last breath at 8 am today after fighting for life for 29 days. Everyone was surprised as soon as the news of his death came out, as everyone expected that as always, Lata didi would return home after defeating death. But who does not know that the nameless crown will take them away from us forever. After his death, there has been an influx of people paying tribute to him. From home to social media, people are expressing their condolences for him. Especially people from the music industry are sharing their memories related to them.

After the death of ‘Bharat Ratna’ Lataji, many music industry personalities including musician AR Rahman, singer Anuradha Paudwal, Shreya Ghoshal, singer Sonu Nigam, lyricist Swan and Kirkire have paid tribute to him online. social. Singer Anuradha Paudwal said of Lataji’s death: “I am very sad today. Humble tribute to Lataji. The only thing that can be said about her is Na Bhooto Na Bhavishy. I went to see her recordings in my childhood, where I first met her time”. “. The reunion took place. She was very noble and restrained. The way she dominated the family, so has the movie industry.” Lyricist Swanand Kirkire wrote: “Saraswati herself left the next day after Saraswati Puja. and takes you to every house, we will be indebted to you from life and we will continue to love you. A song sung by you is a gurukul from Taal Sur Naad We will continue to learn and listen to you.

Singer Sonu Nigam told about his conversation with Lata ji a few days ago. He said: “Just a few days ago, Lata didi sent me something on my WhatsApp. Seeing it, I told him I remembered my mother. So he immediately wrote, I’m not here. I am… with you I am… it means like a mother. I was moved after hearing her words. Looking back on her today, it feels like my mother left me. He said, “One day I was singing a song at Lata Mangeshkar’s LM studio located in Char Bungalow. So Lataji called me, then I asked her how is your health Didi. Lata didi said I’m fine, but I just got back from the hospital. Stay several days. I said you’re fine now. That is just what is needed.

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Udit Narayan further explains: “I told Lata ji that I have a lot of heart, it has been many months since I met you. I want to receive blessings from you. He said that there is a Corona atmosphere. So it is not good for you to come now, but we We will meet soon. Udit said that at that time Lata ji spoke to him very fondly. This conversation took place a couple of months ago. He says: “I consider myself very lucky. Whose voice I have been listening to since childhood. I never thought that I would come to Mumbai and have a chance to sing a song with Lata ji and also have a chance to see her. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to sing a song with him.” Singer Neha Kakkar, a reality TV judge, wrote: “My voice is identity… There will never be anyone like Lata. Mangeshkar ji At the same time, the great musician AR Rahman shared a photo of himself with Lata Mangeshkar and wrote, “Love, respect and prayers.”

Famous singer Shreya Ghoshal wrote on Facebook: “Suddenly there is a feeling of emptiness in life. Yesterday was Saraswati Puja and today my mother took her with her. Right now it seems that even the birds, trees and wind are silent Swara Nightingale Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar ji, your divine voice will resound for eternity Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Singer Kumar Sanu writes: “Deeply saddened to hear the news of Lata didi’s passing. There are no words. She was Maa Saraswati to me and to all the singers. She was a blessing to the music industry. May God rest his soul. om Shanti”. Lyricist and singer Javed Malik expressed his deep sorrow at Lataji’s death and said he has no words to express his loss. Praying to Maa Saraswati to grant peace to the soul of the deceased. Tribute.

These music industry celebrities have also paid tribute to Lata didi…

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