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Hindi movies like ‘Bhagam Bhag’, ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Sunday’, ‘Bobby Jasoos’, ‘Love, Sex Aur Dhoka’ and ‘Johnny Gaddaar’ have a tinge of comedy with crime and suspense. Movies in this category are usually successful. A particular audience is very fond of these types of movies and web series. This is the reason why this category is also a favorite among filmmakers. Generally, in the crime thriller category, the audience is introduced to a few characters. After that an incident occurs. Other characters are included in this. Then some facts are revealed amidst the mystery and excitement. After all the twists and turns, the story comes to an end after an unexpected climax. Sometimes this formula is made more interesting by adding a touch of comedy. ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’ is one of those web series, in which tremendous comedy humor has been added with crime and suspense. This web series is broadcast on the OTT MX Player platform.

Rajeev Khandelwal is making a comeback through the web series ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’.

In this web series directed by Sunil Manchanda, actors like Rajeev Khandelwal, Manjari Phadnis, Rushad Rana, Asmita Kaur Bakshi, and Mickey Makhija have major roles. Through this series, Rajeev Khandelwal returns after two years. He was last seen on the Zee5 web series ‘Naxalbari’ in the year 2020. Rajiv is known for his great performance. He has also had a tremendous performance in this series. The first season of this series consists of 9 episodes of 20-20 minutes each, moving at a fast pace with the story.

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This is the reason why the interest in the series is maintained. But if you are trying to find web series like ‘Sacred Games’, ‘Paatal Lok’ or ‘Mirzapur’, then ‘Miya Biwi Aur Murder’ is not for you. Because you will not need to put much mind to see it. Despite being a police thriller, it has remained light-hearted. Woven over a simple background, the story tries to build excitement through fun twists and turns.

The story of the web series ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’ revolves around a police officer Jayesh (Rajeev Khandelwal) and his wife Priya (Manjari Phadnis). Being in the police department, Jayesh is very busy. He can’t give his wife time. Priya has all the comforts and conveniences, but the love of her husband is not available. Many times she also complains to Jayesh, but every time she comes out citing his busyness. But she has an affair with her maid. Both usually have physical relationships outside the home.

Here Priya turns to the dating app to overcome her loneliness. Through that app, a guy younger than him befriends. Both begin to meet at home. One day, in an incident, the boy and the maid are killed at Priya and Jayesh’s house. This is followed by the entry of a drug gang. What happens to Jayesh and Priya caught between two murders in the house and the mob outside? To know this you have to watch the web series.

The story of the film has been written by Sambit Mishra. Sambit is known for web series like ‘Cartel’, ‘Mission Over Mars’ and ‘Tere Liye Bro’. Also in this series, he has tried his best to attract the audience through his story. In the middle, his grip is a bit loose, but director Sunil Manchanda takes care of it. Sunil is known for directing movies like ‘Paa’, ‘Tere Naam’ and ‘Shamitabh’. Through his skillful direction, he has tried to create humor with suspense and emotion in ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’.

As far as the acting of the actors is concerned, Rajiv Khandewal is known to all for his excellent acting. Even though he couldn’t do much in the movies, no one can hold his hand in the series and TV shows. Yes, according to his acting talent, no character has been found yet. The day this happens, he too will join the ranks of artists such as Pankaj Tripathi and Manoj Bajpayee. Manjari Phadnis has also done a good job in the character of Priya.

Overall, ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’ by Rajeev Khandelwal and Manjari Phadnis is a web series worth watching. If you are a fan of Rajiv’s performance, then there is a double gift for you. You can get drunk watching this series.

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