Learn about the incredible story of the world’s most famous music band group ‘BTS’

The most famous music band group in the world, ‘BTS’, has been making headlines for some time now. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that information about the disintegration of this group is coming to light. The seven members of ‘BTS’, i.e. Bangtan Boys, are said to be disbanding. Everybody wants to do their career individually. In such a situation, the existence of the group is now in danger. The second reason is that the teaser for the song of J-Hop’s upcoming album, a member of this group, is becoming more and more viral all over the world. Released as ‘Hope in the Box’, the trailer topped the Spotify Global Top Songs chart. Not only that, the Grammys have declared it the best album of July.

More surprising than the ending of ‘BTS’ is the story of their formation and the entire world. In the year 2010, seven children living in South Korea started working on the concept of this band. This group was officially launched in the year 2013. Their first song ‘2 Kool 4 School’ was released on September 11, 2013. After this, the band released their first Korean album ‘Dark and Wild’. Soon the seven members of this musical group became famous throughout the world. His songs used to cross millions of views as soon as they were released. The most important characteristic of this group is that it has complete artists. Many of them are masters of singing, dancing, rap and voice.

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Such an achievement at a young age is no less than an example.

All the members of the Bangtan Boys music group are famous. Its first member is Jungkook, whose full name is Jean Jungkook. The second member’s name is Wei, whose full name is Kim Tae Hyung. The third member’s name is Suga, who is known for his excellent rapping. The fourth member, Kim Seok Jim, sings the vocals. He is also known as the King of Bad Jokes. Fifth member Park Ji Min is the best dancer. The sixth member J Hop is the best singer. The seventh member, Jang Po Seok, is a brilliant dancer and rapper. The surprising thing is that the age of the seven members of this band is between 23 and 27 years old. The achievement that he has achieved at such a young age is an example for all.

23 Guinness Book of World Records in 9 years

In the 9 years since 2013, the band has released 5 Korean albums and 4 Japanese albums. In addition to this, there have also been more than 5 live concerts. If you see, despite releasing so few albums, the achievement of this band is much more than the music industry in many countries. This band has received 463 awards from all over the world. Not only this, 23 Guinness Book of World Records are registered in his name. This Korean boy band also won the 2018 Time Burn of the Year title by beating stalwarts like Donald Trump, Michelle Obama and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Jungkook was named the sexiest international man of the year 2020.

Most interactions on social media

Released in the year 2021, the band’s single song ‘Butter’ had garnered 5 Guinness World Records in its name. The name of this video song also holds the record for most YouTube premiere views. Before this song, this record was in the name of the BTS song ‘Dynamite’. At the same time, the music video ‘Butter’ also holds the record for the fastest reach on YouTube, the most views on Tik Tok, the most views in 24 hours. The name of this song also holds the record for the most tickets sold in their live concert. 7 lakh 56 thousand tickets were sold for this concert. Not only this, BTS also holds 23 Guinness World Records for the most engagement on the social media platform Twitter.

You may be surprised to hear the net worth of the band.

Globally, this band is known for its acting, choreography, as well as the hard work, mutual coordination, and skill of its members. This is the reason why the band has made a lot of money in a very short time. The net worth of this group is Rs 781 crore. The richest member of this group is J-hop whose net worth is Rs 265 crore. Last year, the costumes for the band’s song ‘Dynamite’ were auctioned off for Rs 1.18 crore at the ‘Musicaires and Julian’ charity auction in aid. These costumes were donated by ‘BTS’ to the Grammy Museum. BTS previously wore these costumes in the English song ‘Dynamite’. This music video became very famous all over the world. Ranked first in the US

The world gave money and respect

If we talk about Impact International, BTS was invited to address the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2018. The band performed in front of 400 officials along with then UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the Concert of Korea-France friendship held in Paris this year. He was also awarded the Order of Cultural Merit in the same year. Moon also praised the band’s contribution to the spread of Korean culture and language around the world. Along with this, BTS received the ‘James A Van Fleet Award’ for their outstanding contribution in promoting US-Korea relations. US President Joe Biden has also met with members of this group.

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