Leopard behind the bicycle; ‘Birthday cake’ saves the brothers


  • The incident took place in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh.
  • The leopard ran after the motorcycle.
  • Forest officials surveyed the area.

Bhopal: The brothers escaped from a leopard that was chasing their bicycle by throwing a birthday cake at it. The incident took place in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. They said the leopard had chased them for about 500 meters. Forest officials confirmed that the leopard had chased the youngsters.

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Burhanpur Feroz Mansoori and Sabir, who were traveling by bicycle, escaped the leopard attack. The tiger followed him when he was cycling to buy a cake in a store outside the town to celebrate the birthday of Feroz’s son. Feroz said there were no people in the area as it was a sugarcane growing area.

Feroz clarified that the bike could not run fast because it was a dirt road. The leopard followed him for about half a kilometer. The bike was not in good condition. With this, the cake box in his hand was thrown towards the tiger. With this, the tiger withdrew and returned to the nearby sugar cane plantation, Feroz said.

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The brothers told police that they had miraculously escaped the tiger’s attack. Forest officials who inspected the scene found the tiger’s tracks. According to the locals, the leopard was present in the area.

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