Like Armaan Kohli, how many arrested in drug cases so far and what happened to them?

Drugs, the use of other drugs or the raves of Bollywood stars are nothing new. New cases continue to appear frequently. It just happens that every time a new case comes in, there is a little stir, the headlines for a few days, and then gradually the matter is stored cold. Due to this freezing process, despite all the arrests and investigations to date, the drug business has not only flourished but is at its peak as of today. Almost all of Bollywood seems to swing in the lap of banned drugs. When Riya Chakraborty was arrested after the drugs angle in the Sushant suicide case, many sensational revelations came to light.

Some reports citing Riya say that around 80 percent of people in the Bollywood industry use drugs. It was only after Riya’s reveal that the NCB called in famous Bollywood stars for questioning. Many celebrities were also arrested. After questioning Riya, NCB had summoned many celebrities. Subsequently, the statements of stars such as Karisma Prakash, Sara Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor were recorded. For what reason the stars were summoned and what statements they made is not very clear.

What did the agencies do in the old drug cases?

However, Bollywood is currently under discussion because failed actor Armaan Kohli is on drugs. The drug was seized from Armaan’s home after a tip from a drug dealer. For which he is being detained and interrogated in judicial custody. Armaan’s chapter also gets interesting in the sense that the rower he’s been captured by was arrested three years ago in a drug case. Armaan’s case makes it clear that all actions related to drug trafficking so far have proven to be a mere sham. The departments involved slow down over time or turn a blind eye due to the high-profile rackets. Because both the buyer and the seller in this business are “white collar” people. Not only are Armaan Kohli or his paddler in question, but many movie stars were captured even before Armaan. Caught years ago and even then the agencies failed to shoot arrows.

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I don’t know how many rave party action images have come to the fore. The main celebrities were also involved in this. But in the future, what happened to rave parties and the celebrities involved in them, this mystery could never be exposed. However, after the arrest of Riya Chakraborty, especially in Mumbai and Bollywood, long-term actions and activism against drugs and their network are seen for the first time. How effective and long it will be, will be clear in the future. Today you know about the famous Bollywood drug cases and the celebrities caught up in them. Do you also know what happened in those cases so far?

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1) Rhea Chakraborty- Shovik Chakraborty

After Sushant’s suicide case, in September last year, NCB arrested Riya and her brother in a drug case. There was also a long questioning of Riya and her brother. He was accused of being involved in drug trafficking. Some of his WhatsApp chats also made headlines. However, Riya has consistently denied the allegations and claimed that he did not commit any illegal acts in any way. The case against Riya and her brother is in court.

2) K Ravi Prasad

Ravi Prasad, executive producer of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, is also among 18 people arrested for their connection in the drug case. After the Riya case. The matter is in court. It has not yet been clarified.

3) Bharti Singh-Harsh Limbachiyaa

Famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa were also arrested. Both were also interrogated and kept in custody. Both ganja recovered. The stars had also confessed their consumption. they are on the vine. The matter is still in court.

4) Arjun Rampal

NCB raided different locations of actor Arjun Rampal in Mumbai. The action came after his name appeared in the drug case. According to some reports, its driver was also detained for this reason.

5) Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan was arrested in the drug case in March this year. It is alleged that he is part of the drug trafficking gang of drug lord Shadab Batata. Only after Shadab’s arrest was action taken against him.

All of the above actions have been carried out in the last year.

6) Fardeen Khan

The son and actor of veteran actor Feroz Khan, Fardeen Khan, was arrested for possession of cocaine. The Narcotics Department took action against him in 2001. Nasir Sheikh, who sold cocaine, was also arrested in this case. However, Fardeen was conditionally acquitted in this case by the Special Narcotics and Substances Court (NDPS). The court had said that if they were to be caught again in such a case in the future, the order in the 2001 case would be vacated.

7) Sanjay Dutt

The first high-profile and largest drug-related case in Bollywood was that of Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt was arrested in 1982 for drug possession. In this case, the court also sentenced him to 5 months in prison. After this case, Sanjay Dutt was sent by his father and Congressman Sunil Dutt to a center in the United States for rehabilitation.

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