Listen, Aamir Khan is an ‘Ustad’, he didn’t apologize to anyone!

Ahead of the release of Aamir Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ last month, the film’s acrimony was on display. The main reason for the protest was Aamir Khan. Despite the emphasis on the heel toe, Aamir and his film were rejected by the unwatched audience. Bollywood will remember it for many decades to come because similarly many other Bollywood movies were rejected without seeing them in theaters. People were angry about some of Aamir’s old statements, private meetings with leaders in anti-India countries like Turkey under the guise of social service, misrepresentation of Hinduism in his movies, etc. Well, on the first day of September, a video was shared from the official Twitter handle of Aamir Khan Productions.

There was an apology in the 16 second video. You must have seen it. If not, you can see it below.

After this video, it was made public that all the things Aamir was protesting about, he finally apologized for all the things. Aamir’s fans even call him the nobility of the actor. A sector of those who cannot be said to be fans of the actor is also in a hurry to attribute the ‘apology’ to his nobility.

Now the question is that the video that is promoted as the actor’s apology, can it really be considered as Aamir’s apology? I have two arguments. If in the first argument I say in the philosophical values ​​of Mr. Farhan Akhtar, the most intelligent, humanistic, democratic and exalted secular values ​​of Bollywood, the most intelligent, humanistic, democratic and exalted secular values ​​of Bollywood. Javed Akhtar, then, in view of all the accusations against Aamir, it cannot be called an apology. After the controversial comments about the Prophet, Nupur Sharma’s apology was called insufficient by Farhan. However, Nupur apologized citing the cause. Nothing is clear from Aamir’s video.

Being Haji has his problems too, but Aamir Khan’s creative team found a happy medium.

There is no mention anywhere in the video shared by the production that Aamir Khan is apologizing. Aamir’s name hasn’t even been used. Maybe it’s because Aamir is going on the Hajj. After performing Hajj, Muslims do not do non-Islamic work. My old Muslim friend, a journalist, told me recently that there is no agreement in Islam. If there was an engagement, why would the Karbala incident have happened? Being a ‘haji’ in Bollywood has its own problems. And here, like Ishqiya, there is less room for the heart to be Haji.

There are many cases. The best example is veteran playback singer Mohammad Rafi Saab. Rafi saab jaisa noble dil insaan Haji kya bane had been singing until the song. After many pleas, he came back again to do ‘un-Islamic’ work. All the other Hajis in our country, after returning from Mecca, even stop applying black colored ‘Khiyab’ to their hair. He likes saffron. There will be color for the world. But the color is also shock and halal. Another matter is that in the Arab countries, the Talwarvanshi kings, who are the teachers of Islam, use dark black color to dye their hair even in old age. Of course that color would be very precious. Perhaps that is why our subcontinental Haji, who shied away from the expensive black color, is working with the red color of mehndi. Well, where are we going? Aamir’s Micchami returns to Dukkadam.

Aamir Khan.

I’m saying that Aamir hasn’t apologized, but has pretended to be sorry. To put it politely, the formality of apology has been completed. If Amir Mansa-Vaccha-Karmana had been feeding one side, then there was a danger of losing one side because of his apology. To forgive means to compromise. What little money Lal Singh Chaddha made despite the difficult situation was given to him by the same side that always stood by Aamir. Now, it is not wise in any book to lose the ‘capital’ one earns for something that is not even close.

“Micchami Dukkadam” is the motto of Jainism. It is in Prakrit language. So it’s such that Aamir’s creative team found a happy medium. Something like the saying: Even the snake dies and the stick must not be broken. I mean, it should be posted as an apology and it may not even be an apology. Michami Dukkadam’s video is exactly the same. This is the basis of the second argument. Aamir didn’t really apologize. He’s not even in control of him apologizing for crossing the line they have. He only pretended to be sorry. Although they must be regretting that I wish this “Paryushan festival” to be held in Sawan instead of Bhadau. The Paryushan festival was on September 1. Not only Jains are Sanatans and now even in the West people criticize themselves on this day.

In directions, only Aamir Khan can apologize and no one else

If Aamir wants, he can express his discontent with the Jain Tirthankars for the fact that if the Paryushan/Samvatsari festival started in Sawan instead of Bhadau, then he could have resorted to an apology for selling his film made with a huge budget of 180 million rupees. was The actor did not apologize, this is enough to say that how can you forgive an apology that is not clear? Think about what Aamir is apologizing for and to whom. And how to assume that the apology is from Aamir. Is forgiveness also sought in signs?

The Paryushan/Samvatsari festival is celebrated on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. This is the most important festival of Jainism. And it emphasizes human philosophy more than religious values. People celebrate it in many countries of the world. People stand firm and promise not to interfere in any way with the environment. The Paryushan festival is celebrated for ten days. It is not a party of joy but a party of penance. Things like fasting, worship, gathering, renunciation, penance, moderation, and discretion are practiced.

So at the Paryushan festival, Aamir’s creative team made a video. The video was promoted by his PR as an apology. In fact, Aamir’s apology video is similar to those of Muslim children dressed as Kanhaiya on Janmashtami, neither going to the Krishna temple nor bowing their heads to him. But by sharing the elegant images of him, he weaves the web of Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb. And in return, similar viral photos of Hindus are sought. Now the problem is that they don’t see the non-Islamic crowd shrugging the tajis, offering chadar at the dargah. Viral photos are in demand. Photos are haram in Islam anyway. Who would take the form of a prophet from above and show courage to kill their children and their necks with knives.

Aamir or his company did not apologize. He has only secularly tweeted through a video at the Paryushan festival. In return, Aamir wants Yash Raj Films, which will release his son: go see his films. Make him such a big personality too that he too sits and drinks tea with the wife of an anti-India Erdogan. and make fun of you.

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