Loco Pilot: Loco Pilot has been operating the train for three years; 17-year-old friend arrested: two young men, including a minor disguised as locomotive pilots, are trapped in erosion

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  • Crazy pilot scam
  • The young men drove the train for three years.
  • 17 year old and friend arrested

Erode: Loco pilot arrested for driving a train for three years. Two people, aged 17 and 22, come from Murshidabad in West Bengal. The two were arrested at the Erode train station. The police saw the young men dressed as locomotive pilots and detained them on suspicion.

Police were surprised to learn that Israf, aged 17 and 22, was driving the locomotive. The 17-year-old had been operating the train for the past three years, police said, citing the New Indian Express. The engine had been running in Israf for the past three months. The RPF became suspicious when he saw the flag, the identification plate and the torch light used by the locomotive pilots in the possession of the young people.

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The two were arrested while on their way to Thiruvananthapuram from Bengal in search of work. During questioning, they admitted that they had been trained by a locomotive pilot in Bengal. The 17-year-old revealed that he has been operating the engine for three years.

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RPF sources said: “A locomotive pilot in Bengal trained them both as assistant locomotive pilots and then operated the engine with two of them. They drove the freight train and the passenger train. The staff gave them uniforms, badges. identification and other articles.

The youngest started driving the train at the age of 14. The locomotive pilot paid him between 10,000 and 15,000 rupees, railway officials told the New Indian Express.

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