Love Jihad Even If Hindu Youth Seduce Hindu Woman: Assam CM With Comment


  • Himanta Bishwa Sharma Says New Law Will Be Introduced
  • Jihad love is the same even if a young Hindu cheats
  • CM says he is not interested in the term ‘love jihad’

Guwahati: The Chief Minister of Assam has put forward a new interpretation that the Sangh Parivar organizations and the Catholic Church, including in Kerala, are strengthening the accusations of “love jihad”. The Chief Minister said that love jihad is not just fooling Hindu Muslims. Himanta Vishwa Sharma, who is also a leader of the BJP, said that even if a Hindu man seduces a Hindu woman and marries her suspiciously, it is still a form of loving jihad.

Assam’s chief minister was speaking when he met his parents two months after the Assam state government. Assam’s chief minister said that before marriage, the bride and groom will have to officially reveal their religion and sources of income. He explained that this would apply to all communities and that the new legislation was aimed at ending the problems of love jihad.

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Hindu extremist groups have accused young Muslims of seducing Hindu women into marrying them and conspiring to convert them in the name of the “jihad of love.” But the country’s courts and investigative agencies have found no such attempt. Many activists and legal experts point out that this type of propaganda is a usurpation of individual freedom and is directed at the Muslim community. Meanwhile, the statement of the Chief Minister of Assam.

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Himanta Bishwa Sharma has stated that she is not interested in using the term love jihad. But he also made it clear that Hindus should not marry by wrong means or deception. The government will take action against such scams and the law will not be against Muslims. He also made it clear that no girl or woman should be abused in this way.

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