‘Lucky I am who I am in India’: the story of Afghan actress Malisha Heena Khan

The situation in Afghanistan is not hidden from anyone. The situation worsens day by day after the occupation of the Taliban. No one is safe there. Sometimes they beat a journalist and sometimes they shoot a woman.

Sometimes a girl is forcibly taken out of the house and sometimes killed for going to study. You and I can imagine sitting here. Only he who passes his head can understand this pain.

We are very lucky, thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

So far, hundreds of people in Afghanistan have taken refuge in other countries. Many people have also come to India. Many people have expressed their grief at the way women are mistreated there. How do people hide to save their lives?

After the Taliban occupation, the situation is so bad that somehow people are leaving Afghanistan and going to safer places. People are migrating in large numbers. in the meantime Two large explosions occurred at Kabul International Airport. In which hundreds of people died. After this, people are more afraid.

Afghan actress Malisha Heena Khan has shared her troubles. In addition to thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Malisha has said that India is a much safer country than many parts of the world.

Malisha said that four people in my family died in Afghanistan. My uncle is also among the dead. He used to work in the Ministry of Transportation of the Government of Afghanistan. Along with this, they also killed two of my cousins.

According to Malisha, members of her family were driving. At the same time, it exploded due to gunfire from the Taliban. Malisha Heena Khan wrote in her tweet that “We are very lucky to live in India. Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Malisha said that 5-6 people from her family are still trapped in Afghanistan. Those people are somehow hiding from the Taliban so their lives can be saved. Malisha’s words have exposed the lies of the Taliban. The Taliban said that people need not be afraid of us, but the people who fled there remove the veil of their lies every day.

On the other hand, some people from India are supporting the Taliban, I wish they could take off the blindfold and understand how free they are in their country, India, other people have understood, but when will people from here?

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