MAARRICH Trailer: If Tushar Inspector is not visible even in uniform, whose fault is it, the actor or the audience? MAARRICH Trailer: If Tushar Inspector is not visible even in uniform, whose fault is it?

Three Bollywood actors will be seen in a crime thriller drama directed by Dhruv Lather. The film is – Marich. Its trailer has been released today. The film has familiar Bollywood faces, but it has been lost in the crowd over time. Tusshar Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, Rahul Dev and Naseeruddin Shah are playing important roles in Marich. Leaving a Naseeruddin Shah, the mind has to put a lot of emphasis to connect with the rest of the actors. Tusshar Kapoor’s problem is another, which will be discussed later under the guise of the trailer. Anita was once seen in Bollywood as a sensation but she disappeared.

Whereas until a few years ago, Rahul Dev was also a famous Bollywood villain and was seen getting beaten up at the hands of the hero in almost every other movie. It is not that these actors are not active. But in recent times, he did not do any stormy work, so the audience was better able to connect with the characters related to him. Overall, Dhruv Lather’s Marich at first glance appears to be a gathering of some of those stars. Tushar is in the role of a police officer. Anita as his wife. Naseer Saab has become a priest and Rahul Dev probably has a gray character which is not clear from the trailer. There are other artists like Kiran Kumar.

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In fact, at the beginning of the trailer, it is revealed that 2 gruesome murders have taken place. And for these murders, a total of 6 people are under suspicion. An intrepid policeman Rajeev Dixit (Tusshar Kapoor) is tasked with solving the case by getting to the bottom of the matter. The job of a fearless, quirky and clever police officer is to uncover the reasons behind the murders and track down the culprit. During this, there is a touch of glamour, the run for fame and all the popular seasonings of illegitimate relationships. How Rajiv Dixit solves the case, in fact, the story of the film is set to show all this. The film will be released in theaters on December 9.

Tusshar Kapoor in Marich.

The trailer is also not enough to understand what Marich can do in theaters. In fact, whatever the makers have shown in Marich’s trailer, about two and a half minutes long -with the colors with which it is shown-, perhaps the victim of the ‘hallucination’ will not be able to look exactly like the makers. I can’t even feel it. It may not look like it when watching the full movie. Well, I don’t know about the movie, but this is the biggest drawback of Marich’s trailer. There is a term – hallucination. That is, an illusion of vision caused by illness or intoxication. Hallucinations. It means what is actually seen from the front or is the same, but starts to look different from him. In a way, seeing or hearing something that is not there. A state of disappointment.

And because of the hallucinations, Maarich’s trailer and all the acts shown in it look childish. Tushar is an inspector, a senior officer; We also see him in the trailer, but Dil isn’t ready to accept him as an inspector even after seeing him. Not even his half-grown French cut beard could make him serious. He loves his pregnant wife, so he doesn’t feel like a father in the reality shown in that scene. His anger also seems fake. Kiran Kumar’s command as senior officer and Tushar’s saying yes sir also seems strangely shrouded in falsehood. Despite that, Tushar Kadak is in the role of a police officer. He wears a perfectly fitting uniform. He does not release mold. There are also stars on his shoulder.

Due to hallucinations, there is a problem seeing Tusshar Kapoor in Maarich’s trailer while trying to show himself. I can’t even connect. This is the biggest drawback. Now the question is whose fault is it? Tushar, the creators, the audience or else the reason is a fucking hallucination.

Despite that, Tushar has also been seen in a police uniform before. But he remained funny except on a few occasions. Whatever the identity of him, big or small, is due to the comic characters. And now, when he plays the flamboyant officer in uniform, hallucinations undo all his hard work. Tushar is seen starring in a movie after a long time. In this he has also invested money as a producer. How much this film will benefit Tushar’s acting career will be a matter to be seen.

Here you can watch the trailer of the movie below:-

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