Madan Ravichandran: BJP fires party secretary who leaked secretary general’s ‘sex chat’ – BJP fires youtuber madan ravichandran after video of kt raghavan bite


  • Madan Ravichandran said the video of more leaders will be released
  • He was expelled for not cooperating with the party’s investigation committee.
  • Ravichandran joined the BJP in 2020

Chennai: The BJP has expelled a YouTuber who leaked the BJP secretary general’s sex video chat. The video chat involving KT Raghavan was launched by BJP leader Madan Ravichandran. KT Raghavan lost his general secretary position after the video was released.

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The BJP had appointed a committee to investigate the incident. Madan Ravichandran was expelled for not cooperating with this committee. Ravichandran joined the BJP in October 2020. Ravichandran joined the party in Delhi in the presence of national leaders.

On Tuesday, Ravichandran launched a video chat involving the Secretary General on his YouTube channel. The images show Raghavan talking to a half-naked woman. Raghavan says there is an attempt to blackmail him and the party.

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According to Ravichandran, BJP state president Annamalai was briefed before the video was released. But Annamalai said she did not know the content of the video. Ravichandran says the video of other leaders will be released soon.

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