Madhya Pradesh Rain: Minor Girls Naked Into Beggars For Rain; Naked underage girls in Madhya Pradesh village, locals believe this will bring abundant rains


  • The district collector said no one had complained
  • Commission on the Rights of the Child requesting a report
  • About six girls were naked

Madhya Pradesh: Six underage girls were stripped naked and begged from house to house to rain. The incident took place in the village of Bania in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh.

Damoh Police Superintendent DR Tenewar said this type of ritual takes place in the area every year due to low rainfall. He said that relatives are taking the initiative for this.

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According to custom, the villagers believe that if underage girls strip and beg for alms, it will rain. The girls were loaded with turbulence on their shoulders.

Grains collected from households will be deposited in the treasuries established in the village. It is customary for all the villagers to be present at this time. This is believed to bring rain. Family members of the girls were reported to have attended the event.

The Commission on the Rights of the Child has requested a report from the district administration on the incident. The ceremonial ceremony took place on Sunday. Damoh district collector S Krishna Chaitanya said the incident would be reported. He clarified that so far no one has filed a complaint against the practice. Videos of the incident have been circulating on social media.

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Police said they would investigate whether the girls were forced in any way for the ritual. DR Tenewar said action would definitely be taken if children were forced to attend the event.

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