Mahi Gill will soon marry live-in partner, mother already has a daughter

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  • In the beginning of her career, Mahi Gill played a bold and strong character in films.
  • Actress Mahi Gill has hinted that she will soon marry a live-in partner
  • Mahi Gill has not yet disclosed with whom she is living

Actress Mahi Gill, who has played bold and strong roles in films like Dev D and Saheb Bewi Ya Gangster and has become a mother without marriage, has always lived her life on her own terms. Recently, he had a special conversation about his personal and professional life. Meanwhile, she hinted that she is going to marry her live-in partner very soon.

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Mahi Gill was offered the same role after doing bold scenes in the initial films. “The same role was offered to me at that time,” he said. I was told, you have to look bold. But I wanted to do something different and that’s why I was not accepting this project. But things have changed in the last 2-3 years. Now I am getting good roles. That’s why I am accepting it.’

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Mahi Gill has a five-year-old daughter. He kept this secret hidden for a long time. However, when people came to know about this, many questions arose. “It was my personal choice,” she said. I am not that kind of actress who keeps on explaining everything. Let people talk about me. Because only I know what the truth is. If I do not interfere in someone’s life, then no one has the right to be in my life.

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Mahi Gill is in live-in for a long time, she has not yet shown the face of her live-in partner. The two-year-old actress said that she intends to get married very soon, so when asked what happened to her, she said, “When the wedding happens, I will be the first to upload a photo on social media. Showed that anything can happen to you. Whatever will happen will happen suddenly.

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