Making a movie about Aurangzeb suddenly became a ‘Takht’ of thorns for Karan Johar!

Karan Johar’s Dharma Production period drama “Takht” is almost canned. Johar doesn’t want to make this movie. The reasons behind this are said to be that the cost of historical drama is very high. The project budget is 250 to 300 million rupees. Although Fox Star also invested in the film along with Dharma. But Fox has backed down. Then came his replacement. In the changed atmosphere after Corona, Johar put the table in a cold room. Now, instead of Takht, he will make a love story of Rocky and Rani. He is in a romantic movie. In this he has signed the main star cast of Takht Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Johar himself has taken over the leadership.

Earlier, Karan Johar had announced Takht loudly. The story of the fight between the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and Darashikoh for the Sultanate of Delhi is the subject of the film. They were both royal brothers, but Takht made them enemies of each other’s life. Vicky Kaushal was reportedly playing the role of Aurangzeb while Ranveer Singh was playing the role of Darashikoh. Apart from these, big stars like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhatt were also chosen for the project. This movie had become the center of attention with the announcement. The controversy had also started regarding the film. An atmosphere against Karan Johar and Takht was seen many times on social media. Users allege that Johar will glorify Aurangzeb through this movie.

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Aurangzeb had become the Sultan of Delhi by brutally killing his own brother Darashikoh. Aurangzeb is counted among the harsh rulers of Mughal history. Aurangzeb is accused of destroying famous Hindu temples and building a mosque and converting it on the basis of the sword. Although established historians consider him a better ruler. On the other hand, Darashikoh is told in history as a tolerant Mughal who respects other religions, especially Hinduism.

Takht was scheduled to launch this year on Christmas Week. At present, the history of Aurangzeb and Darashikoh seems to be packed. However, why the project was officially stopped has yet to be revealed. The closure of Takht was also debated in early February this year. So Karan had clearly told Spotboye that the movie hadn’t stopped, it had only moved ahead for a while.

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It is unclear if the project has been postponed for some time or if a decision has been made to never build it. In the updates so far, it seems that the throne could hardly be made. The logic of the budget does not appear to be true. Karan Johar is among the most capable producers in Bollywood. Dharma Productions has been making movies on a large scale. The budget of two hundred and fifty million rupees was not a big problem for a project like Takht. Despite the reaction from Fox and his replacement, Johar may have attracted other investors to the project. But it seems that he does not want to make the movie itself.

Why did Karan Johar stop the movie?

The Hindu-Muslim debate in Bollywood has deepened this time. Movies on social media are now viewed through this lens. Since Takht’s announcement until now, there have been negative campaigns against the film. His story is written by Hussain Hydari. He had made a statement about the Hindus some time ago, in which a lot of fuss had arisen. Citing that statement, Takht objected saying that the film’s author’s statement demonstrates how prepared he is to show the Mughals.

The current environment forced Karan Johar

Surely the pandemic has broken Bollywood’s back. Some films about him were also damaged by the Hindu-Muslim debate on current politics. Right now, there is a demand for a boycott of Muslim stars’ movies almost daily. Many politically active celebrities are also seen giving importance to the issues. Recently, a hate campaign appeared on social media against Salman Khan’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. After this, the news of Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao’s split was also seen through Hindu-Muslim lenses and was called Bollywood jihadist love. Farhan Akhtar’s sports drama Toofan, which recently launched on Amazon Prime Video, also created a scandal. In the movie, people did not like the love of a Muslim boy with a Hindu girl. There was a demand for a boycott of the storm.

Takht’s production partners feel there is no place for the film in the political situation in the country. Many stars working on Takht and Karan Johar are already on target for social media users. It seems that in the noise of current politics, you are seeing a loss deal on all counts. Because the story he was trying to make is a very politically sensitive subject right now. Since there has been no official announcement about the project, it can be assumed that Karan Johar is following a “wait and watch” policy regarding Takht.

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