Mango is a storehouse of medicinal properties


  • Mango is full of many medicinal properties.
  • Contains vitamins C, A and B.
  • Mangoes can be boiled in water or dried or powdered.

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, potassium, and magnesium. Not only this, but do you know that mango leaves, which we often overlook, can also act as a great medicine? These leaves are full of healing and medicinal properties. Due to these properties of mango, they are also very important in medicine.

These leaves are rich in vitamins C, B and A and other nutrients. These leaves have strong antioxidant properties due to their high content of flavonoids and phenols. They can be boiled in water or eaten as a powder. The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of mangoes can help in the effective treatment of various diseases.

1. To control diabetes

Mango is very useful to control diabetes. The young leaves contain tannins called anthocyanins, which can help to effectively treat early diabetes. The leaves can be dried and pulverized or used as a tincture. It is also used to treat diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy. Soak the leaves in a cup of water overnight. Filter and drink this water to get rid of diabetes symptoms. It also helps treat hyperglycemia.

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2. To lower blood pressure

The mango helps to strengthen the blood vessels and treat the problem of varicose veins.

3. Against physical ailments

For people suffering from anxiety disorders, mango is a good home remedy. Add some flour leaves to your bath water. It also helps tone.

4. To treat the problem of gallstones and kidney stones.

Mix the powdered leaves with a bowl of water and let it rest overnight. Drinking it regularly the next morning will help remove the stones.

5. To solve respiratory problems

Mango leaves are a good remedy for all kinds of respiratory problems. It is especially useful for people who suffer from colds, bronchitis and asthma. Drinking a tincture made by boiling mango leaves in water with a little honey will help to cure a cough effectively. It also helps to solve the loss of noise.

6. To treat diarrhea

Mango is good for treating diarrhea caused by bleeding. Mango powder dried in the shade and mixed with water two or three times a day is effective in preventing diarrhea.

7. Remedy for earache

Earache is a very painful and depressing condition. Using mango as a home remedy gives you good relief from this. One teaspoon of juice extracted from mango leaves acts as an effective pain reliever and ear drops. Warm this juice a little before using it.

8. To heal burns

The simplest remedy for painful burns is to apply mango ash to the wound. It also provides relief from the pain of burns.

9. Eckel stops

If you suffer from occasional eczema and other throat problems, mango is an excellent home remedy. Take some mango leaves and burn them and inhale the smoke. Helps to solve throat problems and eczema.

10. Good for gut health

Put a few sheets of flour in warm water and leave them overnight. The next morning, strain the water and drink this mixture on an empty stomach. Regular consumption of this drink acts as a good stomach tonic and expels toxins from the body and keeps the stomach clean.

Mint tincture to ensure health.

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