Manoj Bajpayee-KRK case: KRK is becoming a ‘smear center’ for movie stars

How many days must it have been the premiere of Radhe, Salman Khan’s most anticipated movie. Before the release of the film, there was a lot of noise about Salman Khan and the film, but shortly after the release, the way the film was a disaster at the box office, there were many critics who called the film a disaster. Critics even said that Radhe’s performance has shown that now Salman Khan’s sun is about to set.

Like many others, the film was also viewed and reviewed by actor and self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan. KRK review, less movie critic, Salman Khan felt more insulted, so Salman Khan himself seriously brought a defamation case against the league and KRK. KRK must be careful once again. Perhaps in the near future, they may have to do rounds on the court again. This time, KRK is on target for actor Manoj Bajpayee, who has filed a defamation case against KRK in the Indore District Court. First Salman and now Manoj Bajpayee It is not an exaggeration for us to say that as the situation stands, KRK has become a center of smear for various movie stars due to its antics on behalf of the critics.

A tweet about actor Manoj Bajpayee from The Family Man 2 has gotten actor Kamal R Khan in trouble.

It is a matter of days gone by. Actor Manoj Bajpayee was targeted by KRK, one of the most active stars on Twitter. KRK had reviewed the protagonist of Manoj Bajpayee The Family Man Season 2 and made some objectionable tweets in the same context. As is KRK custom, he got personal in his tweets against Manoj Bajpayee and said many things that clearly put Manoj Bajpayee’s character in question. The case has been registered against KRK. The lawyer Paresh S Joshi has given to the media.

Actor Manoj Bajpayee’s lawyer, Paresh S Joshi, while speaking to the media, has said that in the matter, a complaint on behalf of the actor has been filed with a Court Judicial Magistrate (JMFC) regarding a objectionable tweet from Kamal R. Khan. Done. In this complaint, a criminal defamation case against Kamal R Khan has been requested under article 500.

At the same time, Paresh also says that the kinds of things that KRK has said on his YouTube and Twitter are clearly affecting the image of Manoj Bajpayee and on the basis of this issue, the facts have been presented in court and there is a case. defamation The case has been registered. To what extent does Manoj take KRK’s words and his own image seriously? This can be measured by the fact that Manoj himself appeared in court in Indore and had his testimony recorded.

It is worth noting that after the release of Manoj Bajpayee starring Family Man 2, KRK became active on Twitter and had made many tweets saying bad things about Manoj Bajpayee. At the time, Manoj Bajpayee fans openly came in support of Manoj and had told KRK fiercely.

Because the matter has now left Twitter and reached the court, then perhaps this incident should teach KRK a lesson and he should understand that whenever the matter is small or large, whenever a person opens their mouth, speak thoughtfully.

However, on this matter, KRK has spoken out loud, but now that the defamation case has happened again, it is very interesting for us to see how KRK reacts. The rest is that becoming a smear center like this is not beneficial to your health or your bank balance.

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