Mansukh Mandav: How did a little-known person become a Union Minister of Health?

The unexpected move in the reorganization of Narendra Modi’s second government was that the Minister of State for Fertilizers, Mansouk Mandavya, became a cabinet-level health minister. Mandavya, who has been a member of Narendra Modi’s cabinet since 2016, will become the Minister of Health amid the Kovid-19 epidemic that is affecting India around the world.

Mansouk, who is relatively unknown in the wake of the unexpected collapse of the Indian healthcare system and the death toll in Kovid’s second wave, has faced a ordeal. But, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah appear to be euphoria.

“Narendra Modi-ji and Amit Shah-ji have trusted me again and invited me to be part of this government. I am grateful to both of them,” Mansukh said after becoming Minister of Health.

Mansukh Mandavya has overthrown BJP leader and health minister Harsh Vardhan and co-minister Ashwini Chaubey, who have been attacked in defense of Kovid-19. Days before the official announcement, Mansukh Mandav visited three vaccine manufacturing facilities.

He also visited the Pune Serum Institute, which makes Kovishield, the Sidus plant in Ahmedabad, and the Bharat Biotech Center, which makes Kovaxin.

Who is Mansukh Mandavya?

Mansukh, 49, from Saurashtra in Gujarat, is loyal to Amit Shah. Growing up through RSS, Mandavya became an MLA in Gujarat in 2002 at the age of just 30. Mansukh was the youngest member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly in history.

Mansukh Mandavya was born on July 1, 1972 in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. Born into a middle-class farming family, Mansouk was an RSS activist. In 1992, the BJP youth movement joined ABVP. He soon became a member of the state executive.

In 1996, he became an active BJP activist. He joined the BJP wing, the BJYM. In 2002, it became the MLA. He holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and a Master of Political Science from Gujarat Agricultural University.

In 2010, he became the president of Gujarat Agro Industrial Corporation. He joined Rajya Sabha in 2012. In 2013, he became Gujarat BJP secretary of state. Secretary General of State in 2015. In 2018, he was re-elected a member of Rajya Sabha. In 2015, he represented India at the United Nations. The government of MoS Modi in 2016. Transports, shipments, were handled by departments and fertilizers. In May 2019, MoS independent charging month.

Chief Minister of Gujarat

Mansukh Mandav is one of the number one leaders in Gujarat politics. A leader who grew out of the Pattidar caste. However, only 12.3 percent of Gujarat’s population is the most important equation in pattidar politics. In 2017, 37 out of 117 BJP MLAs in Gujarat belonged to the Patidar community.

Society has raised the flag of revolt against OBC pattidar reservation 2015 in Gujarat, Patel, adding that jatipper. Hardik Patel is the leader that came out of that fight. Mansukh Mandav was the pioneer of the BJP in suppressing the Patidar unrest, a major threat to the Gujarat BJP. In 2017, Mandyava took on the youth of Patidar’s agitators.

When Kovid-19 got serious in Gujarat, there were rumors that Mansukh Mandavya would replace Chief Minister Vijay Rupani as Chief Minister. Rupani was replaced by Anandiben Patel as prime minister of the BJP, leaving Mandavya out.

After the BJP lost 16 of the seats, confusion continued over the Chief Minister’s term. See more acceptance as opposed to the boss of BJP mandavyayutetanenn karsakaprasanannalil tirumaniccirunnatan him. Mandavya is believed to have put forward the plan to avoid the use of urea industries for the benefit of farmers. This made Mandavya acceptable to Modi, says a 2017 India Today report.

Image by Mandavya

Simplicity is the hallmark of Mansukh Mandavya. Unlike other BJP leaders, Mandavya has not been outspoken. Mansukh often tries to create a face similar to Narendra Modi.

“He (mandavya) a lalitaritiyan. Cavittippeakunnu cycling to the Rajya Sabha. And his family is still traveling through Sahibabad in Gujarat. RSS – Acceptance of the BJP centers”, the time to reveal a source and address the BJP chief minister in the 2017 elections India today Reports.

When he was Union Minister, Mandavya took the initiative to create 5,100 Jan Aushadhi Kendras. Steps have been taken to make cardiac stents and knee replacement kits available at lower prices. To ensure the hygiene of women during menstruation, 10 crore sanitary napkins will be manufactured naturally and distributed profitably, according to the PTI news agency report.

Mansukh has been on foot since he was Gujarat MLA. This is another thing behind your acceptance. In 2004, Manzukh supported the study of 124 km girls. In 2006, a 127 km trip was organized under the same resolution. In 2019, he traveled another 150 km to spread Gandhiji’s ideas.

Mandavya came to Rashtrapati Bhavan by bicycle for the swearing-in ceremony of the second Modi government in 2019. Mandavya often arrives at Parliament by bicycle. Once the question of the media, part of his passion, he answered that it is not cavittunnat fashion.

Mandavya questions

The parliament works exactly the registered mandavya. 448 questions have been asked in the Rajya Sabha. There are important questions about issues like money laundering and voter identification card fraud. Private invoices were entered 16 times.

In 2014, Mandavya asked a question about the benefits of cow urine. The question was whether the government knew about the health benefits of cow urine.

One question was whether to make the re-registration of physicians in the Health Department mandatory. Another question was whether an independent Indian Medical Service should be started.

One question for the Department of the Interior was to stop taking false cases against the police in anti-Naxal and anti-terrorist clashes. In another case, the demand was to avoid false accusations of dowry and sexual harassment. In another question, Mandavya demanded that inmates be prohibited from making false accusations of human rights violations. Mandav has also asked a question against Bangladeshis obtaining citizenship by infiltrating India.

Last July, Mansukh Mandavya had said that India would become the first country to overtake Kovid-19. But in the second coming, Kovid completely shattered the hopes of the BJP leaders, including Mandavya.

Kovid-19 has so far affected 3.07 crore people in India. 2.98 million people have been cured of the disease. The death toll in India is 4.05 lakh. The number of active cases is 4.60 lakh. A total of 36.48 million people who received the vaccine.


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