mark jihad and delhi university: ‘mark jihad in Kerala, students get special fund’; Controversial comments from Delhi University professor: Delhi University professor rakesh kumar pandey marks jihad comments against Malaysian students


  • Professor at the University of Delhi with controversial reference.
  • ‘Mark Jihad’ is happening in Kerala.
  • Rakesh Kumar Pandey said that students receive special funds.

New Delhi: A professor at the University of Delhi has made controversial remarks against Malaysian students. Professor Rakesh Kumar Pandey alleged that ‘Mark Jihad’ was going to get Malaysian students admitted to the universities of Delhi. The professor alleged on social media that Kerala students are receiving special funds. The professor made it clear that he will not apologize in the statement, although opposition was strong.

The teacher has made serious accusations against the Malayalee students. “Mark jihad is like love jihad in Kerala. The fact that so many students have been admitted en masse is part of a conspiracy by a large section of Kerala students who do not know the English-Hindi languages. Rakesh Kumar, Associate Professor at Mall College, alleged.

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Rakesh Kumar said it was no wonder he scored 100 percent during the last lockdown as it was an online exam. Even before lockdown, Malayalee students score 100 percent on state board exams as part of such a conspiracy. “Therefore, the University of Delhi should conduct a special entrance examination,” he said in a Facebook post.

The teacher made the accusation in a post titled Mark Jihad is Happening in Kerala. Professor Rakesh Kumar Pandey is also reported to be the former president of the National Front of Democratic Teachers, a teachers’ union affiliated with the RSS. There is widespread opposition to the teacher’s accusations. Asianet News reported that SFI All India President VP Sanu had said the teacher’s statement was reprehensible. Sanu said that if the master did not withdraw his statement and apologize, he would go ahead with a heavy blow. Students and teachers have come out to protest.

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Kesh Kumar Pandey told the Times of India that the influx of students from the southern states to the University of Delhi was questionable. He said it would be better for the university to take a special entrance exam for merit-based admissions. When the first cutoff occurred during the admissions process at the University of Delhi, it was mostly Malayalee students who got the admission. It was in this context that Professor Rakesh Kumar Pandey came forward with a controversial reference.

Akhil KM, SFI coordinator at the University of Delhi, said the teacher had insulted the Malayalee students and the Kerala Board of Examiners. “Mark condemns the publication using the term jihad. It is a central university and it does not matter if the student is from Kerala or West Bengal or elsewhere and we will not allow such discriminatory and unstable terms to be used against students,” he said. Rajesh, former member of the executive committee of the University of Delhi.

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