Masoom Sawaal controversy: Those who put Lord Krishna’s image on sanitary napkin are not ‘innocent’

Controversy is deepening regarding the poster for the Hindi movie ‘Masoom Question’, which opened at the box office last week. An FIR has also been filed against the producer and director regarding the Masoom question movie poster. In fact, in the poster for the movie Masoom question, an image of Lord Krishna has been put on top of the sanitary pad. After which an uproar has arisen around the poster of the film. And, the film has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. The movie Masoom question is said to be a movie to raise awareness about such a serious issue as menstruation.

Couldn’t period consciousness be spread without putting up an image of Lord Krishna?

The controversy of the black cartel is not too old

About a month ago, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the poster for the documentary Kali by Leena Manimekalai, a filmmaker of Indian origin. In the Kali movie poster, Leena Manimekalai featured a woman in the role of Goddess Kali. In this poster, the artist who became the Goddess Kali also had a cigar and a flag of the LGBTQ community in her hand. The controversy over the poster of this film on social networks had increased so much that the Government of India had expressed its objection to it. After which the screening of this film in Canada was banned. And now the same protest is being made over the movie Masoom Question.

Filmmakers are not so ‘innocent’

By the way, ‘innocent’ attempts like putting a picture of Lord Krishna on the sanitary napkin are being done in Bollywood for a long time. And why only Bollywood, from the intellectual class of the country to all the progressive and secular people, continue to mock the beliefs and gods and goddesses associated with Hinduism. In fact, in the name of logic, people of this intelligent species collapse to refute the arguments of the front. It is being argued on behalf of all these people that displaying the idol of Lord Krishna on the sanitary napkin has done no harm to Hinduism. Some Hindutva people are forcibly creating controversy over this.

But, these same people forget to say that why did the Masoom Asks movie poster need to insult the faith of Hinduism? Never mind the argument in front of all these rational people that if the idol image of Lord Krishna had not been put on the billboard, what difference would it have made? This species, calling itself a rationalist, does not believe that the purpose of the film is made clear just by showing sanitary napkins on the movie poster related to menstruation. So why was the image of Lord Krishna forcibly inserted into this poster?

Now, if there is fuss or opposition to this film, it will also be blamed on the majority of Hindus in the name of ‘radicalism’. It will be said that there is no tolerance left in the country. And, in the name of these intellectuals and progressive secular people, all the fuss will be brought down in the name of Hindu organizations and political parties like the BJP. Whereas, in reality, this fuss or protest could have been prevented earlier. In simple words, the creators of the Masoom Saab movie are not so ‘innocent’. Because you can also get free publicity from these controversies.

Who will tolerate humiliation in the name of conscience?

The promotion method of Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chaddha movie and Masoom question movie is similar. Until now, the movie Lal Singh Chaddha was only opposed to Aamir Khan. But, after that, a video appeared of Kareena Kapoor Khan blaming the audience for the failure. And now, screenwriter Atul Kulkarni’s statement for the film Laal Singh Chaddha is generating controversy. In fact, controversy is used as the cheapest way to bring movies into the limelight in Bollywood. More will increase the controversy about the film. The same film will have publicity.

There will be no doubt about the fact that the producer and director of the movie Masoom question has deliberately made a poster by placing the idol of Lord Krishna on a sanitary napkin. Because, if it wasn’t, then the movie Masoom question wouldn’t have tried to forcefully insult Hinduism in the name of spreading awareness about an issue like menstruation. It is the arrogance of the creators of this film that the question is being asked on their social media Instagram page that ‘Is the image of Lord Krishna on the sanitary napkin justified?’ By the way, if the film will enter the discussion, then it will not do well at the box office. But, good money will be given in OTT.

Expression and artistic freedom restricted to Hinduism

The producers and directors of the film ‘Innocent Question’ should be asked why their freedom of expression and all their creativity is limited to Hinduism only? In fact, more and more protests are being registered on social networks for this type of insult against Hinduism. Whereas, in such an error committed in relation to any other religion, a decree of ‘separated from the head’ is issued. What will happen at most? After the ruckus, an apology will be made.

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