Menstrual hygiene: menstrual hygiene can trivialize these health habits: the importance of personal hygiene during periods


  • Why is menstrual hygiene important?
  • What are the things to watch out for these days?

All the annoyances will start before those days. Excruciating pain, bleeding, fatigue and especially the mental stress experienced. Every woman goes through these conditions during menstrual days. Therefore, menstruation is a nightmare for many women. The discomfort of the next month will lift your head until you start to forget the pain of a month. In the midst of all this, there shouldn’t be the slightest drop in hygiene. Menstrual hygiene is also responsible for the body itself.

The shocking fact is that many women do not pay enough attention to menstrual hygiene. Poor hygiene and some negligence during this time can lead to serious health problems. But there are many people among us who know all these things but ignore them. At the same time, there are many people who do not have enough knowledge of how to be hygienic. Because whatever it is, it can invite many diseases that last for a long time.

Menstrual hygiene

Menstrual bleeding occurs in women four to eight days a month. The duration and amount of blood will vary from woman to woman. The first thing to do these days is to keep your body clean. Also, those who use sanitary napkins or menstrual cups should be careful to use them cleanly. The wrong methods of using them can cause great harm.

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Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

Time to change pads

The pads should be changed every four to six hours. No matter how good the sanitary pad is, be careful not to wear it for more than six hours. Do not wear the same sanitary pad for more than four hours if you have excessive bleeding. The consecutive use of a napkin itself can cause some uterine problems. The same napkin can be used for up to eight hours only if it is not possible in a particular situation such as when traveling. Do not use more than that for any reason.

Completely clean reusable items

Those who are not comfortable with sanitary pads often rely on products like washable menstrual cups. It should be washed and dried thoroughly after each use. These should be washed and disinfected with hot water after the end of menstrual days every month. It is best to dry in the sun.

Clean the vaginal area

Due to continuous bleeding through the vagina, there is a possibility of blood clots forming on the outside. Care must be taken to clean the pads completely so that they are completely removed at all times. Don’t use too many harsh soaps or lotions for this purpose. It’s also best to avoid things like intimate washing. It is healthier to use hot water and dilute soapy water. When you wash, try to wash from the top of your vagina to the back. Never wash from back to front. This will increase the risk of infection.

No need for two napkins

The tendency of some women with excessive bleeding is to combine two napkins. While this may seem convenient, it is also a way to invite danger. The more blood that is expelled in an hour or two, the greater the risk. The time to change the napkin can be extended but there will be a lot of blood clotting with both napkins. So if you are following this trend, stop smoking right away.

Underwear must be clean

Care should be taken to wear clean underwear and cleaning napkins at regular intervals. There are many people who are reluctant to change their underwear because they understand that the blood only spreads on the napkin. So be sure to change your clothes at regular intervals. Also, care must be taken to wear tight clothing on menstrual days.

Drink to help reduce menstrual pain.

Don’t skip the bathroom

Make sure you take a clean shower twice a day during your period. It is good to take a bath twice a day to ensure hygiene and avoid fatigue and problems that are part of menstruation.

The pad can always be cared for

There are people who menstruate irregularly. For some it may happen earlier than expected and for others it may be late. Therefore, it is advisable for these people to carry suitable napkins, lotion, towel, and healthy foods on hand when traveling. If you suddenly have to deal with such situations, avoid using anything else instead.

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