Mimi movie: only Kriti Pankaj could have put surrogacy in the womb of comedy

In the midst of all these great things of modernity and development, IVF and surrogacy in India is still nothing short of an eve. It is just news that if a child has been born in a house by this means, then the reaction of the people will be seen. People make faces in such a way that as if the person who has had a child in this way has committed a great crime. Surrogacy is a very delicate subject that almost no one has thought about making it majestic, but Bollywood has also made it possible. After a long wait, the movie starring Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi, Mimi Trailer, was released. Mimi Trailer tackles the challenges of surrogacy in a very lighthearted way. So, at the same time, it also shows that when a society that thinks about modernity hears something like that, then what is its attitude.

In addition to the tickling, a lot of questions have also been raised, Kriti and Pankaj’s upcoming film Mimi

More will be said about Mimi Trailer, but before that it is very important to say that Kriti Sanon herself has shared the trailer for her most anticipated movie with her Instagram account. While sharing the trailer for the film, Kriti wrote, “Mimi had expected everything except these ups and downs.” The film will be released on Jio Cinema and Netflix Proof on July 30.

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Despite the touchy subject, Mimi is a great comedy.

Like we said, there is surrogacy for Mimi’s plot. But the way it’s been brought to the screen, he considers it a good comedy movie. The movie shows a cool girl who accepts surrogacy for money. But then a lot of things happen that change his life.

In the trailer it is shown that the father of the child refuses to adopt the child and this is the turning point of the film that makes it a typical Bollywood masala movie. All the scenes in the trailer may be serious, but the way the production director has made it fun and amusing by adding a touch of comedy is commendable.

Pankaj proved again that it is not difficult but impossible to catch him.

Being a movie, it was made with Kriti in mind and all the responsibility falls on her as well, but when we see Pankaj Tripathi in the movie, her performance is amazing. The way Pankaj has played with timing in his dialogues not only shows his maturity towards acting, but also says that in recent times it is not only difficult but impossible for any Bollywood actor to get to where Pankaj is today. There are many scenes in the trailer where Pankaj has said a lot without saying anything.

The combination of Pankaj and Kriti has set a new trend.

Now, whether it is Pankaj Tripathi or Kriti Sanon, both are actors of different genres, as well as the age difference of both is also considerable. At first glance, the pair seem to disagree, but when we see Mimi’s trailer and look at the performance of both actors, everything becomes clear on its own. It is not wrong to say that either Kriti Sanon or Pankaj Tripathi, both of them have made the impossible possible with their work. If this movie becomes a hit or is liked by the public, surely Bollywood will repeat this experiment and a new trend in the industry may be set.

However, now that the 2 minute 55 second Mimi trailer has been released. So will it be interesting to see if the movie is a success? It all depends on the audience point of view and now after the release of this movie only this audience will say if they can change their mind towards surrogacy or not. In general, a very important subject has been touched on through the tadka of comedy. Whether the experiment is successful or not, we will get the answer in the next few days.

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