Minnal Murali Hindi Movie Review: Trust Me, This Desi Superhero Will Win Your Heart

When we talk about superhero movies, the names of Hollywood movies like ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Batman’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Black Panther’ appear in our minds. Because we have grown up watching these movies. These featured superheroes like ‘Hulk’, ‘Thanos’, ‘Superman’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Batman’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘Thor’ as they battle enemies to save the world. It seems that he is our true hero. This is why some people try to copy their costume, from the action to the body language. His magic speaks above everyone’s head. One of those superheroes is causing a sensation across the country after leaving Kerala. This desi superhero wears lungi and shirt. Cover the face with a cloth. But he has the power of ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Hulk’. Break the prison wall with one punch. Save hundreds of lives by stopping the bus falling into the gutter. It also hits criminals. Yes, we are talking about ‘Minnal Murali’.

Desi’s superhero movie ‘Minnal Murali’ is currently streaming on the OTT Netflix platform. This film of the Mollywood film industry that is Malayalam is directed by Basil Joseph, in which actors such as Tovino Thomas, Guru Somasundaram, Femina George, Aju Varghese, Shelly Kishore, Baiju Santosh and Harishree Ashokan are present. The film is produced by Sophia Paul, while the story and script are written by Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew. The film’s director and writing team are to be commended, who have created a superhero like ‘Minnal Murali’ who has divine powers, but looks like a normal human in every scene. He struggles since childhood, sometimes losing his father, sometimes love, but when necessary, he gives up his dream to help his villagers. The villain of the film does not roar, or fire bullets, he is an ordinary worker, suffering even in middle age to get his childhood love.

Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas has done a wonderful performance in the superhero movie ‘Minnal Murali’.

There are also many beautiful messages in this film, which are not expressed through dialogue, but rather left for the audience to feel. Its pleasant feeling remains even after watching the movie. The film shows that love is not only the property of the hero. Love can also be a villain. With the same innocence and purity that the hero has. His qualities and actions make a person a hero and a villain. As in this movie, two townspeople gain divine power in the same incident. They both lead a very simple life. But when they learn that they have superpowers, it is their use that makes them heroes and villains. Because one uses this power to improve and help people, the other fulfills his personal selfishness through this power. He commits bank robbery to get her love. Kill people. That’s why they call him a villain.

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History of the film Minnal Murali

The story of the movie ‘Minnal Murali’ revolves around the tailor Jason (Tovino Thomas) and the Shibu worker (Guru Somasundaram) who live in a village in Kerala. Jason wants to go to America and pursue a career. You do your best to do this. He falls in love with the daughter of a police inspector who lives in the village. But his girlfriend’s marriage is arranged by his father with a businessman. Jason goes to her house as Santa Claus on Christmas night to stop her. But the girlfriend disagrees. That same night, Shibu (Guru Somasundaram), a worker at a tea stall, learns that his girlfriend, who had been married 28 years ago, left her husband and moved into the mother’s home. He goes crazy with happiness. To meet him, she reaches his house across the river. The weather gets really bad at night. Suddenly, lightning strikes Jason and Shibu. They both fall unconscious due to the shock. Upon regaining consciousness, he is known to have super power.

Jason and Shibu are upset at first, but they have a lot of fun when they use their super powers. Jason’s nephew Josmon (Umesh Vashisht) tells him stories of American superheroes. He tells how Spider-Man and Batman use their powers to help people. It is through them that the world is saved from enemies. Jason also talks about helping people like those superheroes. Like him, hiding his identity, first of all, his girlfriend’s policeman hits his father, because he has insulted his father. Villagers see the masked superhero in lungi and T-shirt for the first time there. As he goes, the superhero writes his murli minute on the wall. That same night there is a robbery at the village bank, which Shibu executes. But the police believe that both works belong to the same person, who is called Minnal Murali. The Minnal discussion begins throughout the town. Shibu also finds out. Shibu has to commit a bank robbery to pay the operation money for his girlfriend Usha’s daughter (Shaili Kishore). He goes to the hospital with the money, but Usha’s brother Dasan has already deposited the money. Dasan doesn’t like Shibu. That’s why Shibu kills him. Even a friend of Dasan, who wants to marry Usha, kills him. Jason is deeply hurt by Dasan’s murder, as he used to work at his store. Jason brings the CCTV footage to the police station to track down the killer. Shibu goes there too. At the same time, for the first time, Shibu and Jason face to face.

Shibu manages to destroy the evidence by destroying the footage cassette. But Jason gets to know her. Little by little, the whole town finds out about Shibu’s antics. Here, at Shibu’s urging, Usha agrees to adopt him. comes to your house. But then the villagers burn down their house, in which Usha and her baby die. After this incident, Shibu becomes an eccentric criminal and tries to destroy the entire village. But he meets the superhero Minnal Murali, that is, Jason. What happens next? Can Jason save Shibu Village? Do you have to see the movie to know?

Minnal Murali movie review

The movie ‘Minnal Murali’ has proven to be a great movie on these five levels, story, script, acting, directing and cinematography. The music is a bit weak, but since it is a Malayalam movie and it is dubbed into Hindi, this deficiency can be accepted. The film’s story and script are written by Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew. There are many such things in this, that you must have seen in movies before, but trust me, you must not have seen it like that. First of all, imagining a superhero movie based on a rural setting is unique in itself. From above the characters of superheroes and villains are very indigenous. Despite this, they are excellent. In the movie, love has been introduced in a new color. When Shibu remembers his love and thinks about it, he falls in love with the innocence shown in him. Reminiscent of the steamy romance of evergreen Bollywood actor Devanand and Guru Dutt.

‘Minnal Murali’ is Basil Joseph’s third film as a director. Prior to this, he directed the Malayalam film ‘Kunjiramayanam’ released in 2015 and the film ‘Godha’ released in 2017. But for the first time his film ‘Minnal Murali’ was released in Pan India in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. . He has established his name through his first pan-Indian film. Joseph, who has studied engineering, has presented an interesting story in an interesting way, it’s really amazing. We salute his thought which has led us to interview desi superheroes like ‘Minnal Murali’. The technical team has also been very supportive of its director. Director of Photography Sameer Tahir deserves praise for the film’s excellent cinematography. He has captured rural life beautifully with his camera. Because of this, the hero standing in the mud also looks beautiful like a lotus. Hard work is clearly visible in every frame.

Last but not least, the performance of all the actors in the film, which is strong. Actor Tovino Thomas as Jason and actor Guru Somasundaram as Shibu have given their lives. Tovino Thomas, 32, has just completed 10 years in the Malayalam film industry. But after the floods in Kerala in 2018, how he helped ordinary people, was in many discussions. His image is that of an assistant, which is also reflected in his character Jason. Seeing the villain turned into Guru Somasundaram, one is not scared, but rather sympathizes with him. It is the diversity of his acting that makes the character of the villain as impressive as the hero. Apart from these, Femina George, Aju Varghese, Shelly Kishore, Baiju Santosh and Harishree Ashokan have also done their respective roles justice. Overall, ‘Minnal Murali’ is a great movie. If you want to rejoice watching Desi Superheroes, definitely watch the movie.

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