mk stalin on the bus: Stalin on the bus; First shock the passengers, then selfie; CM asked for information – surprise visit of the prime minister of tamil nadu, mk stalin in a public bus


  • Stalin made an unexpected inspection of the bus.
  • Passengers were asked for information.
  • The CM boarded the Kannaki Nagar bus in Chennai.

Chennai – Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister MK Stalin on a bus after asking passengers for information. Stalin boarded the Kannaki Nagar bus in Chennai and asked passengers in detail about their concerns about the free travel plan. On Saturday, the CM made an unexpected visit to the bus, to the surprise of staff and passengers.

After hearing passenger concerns and complaints regarding the bus ride, the Chief Minister agreed to take a selfie with them. There were women and children on the bus. After spending a few minutes on the bus, he returned after being greeted with a handshake. Stallil unexpectedly got on the bus while on his way to visit vaccination centers as part of the sixth megavaccination.

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After the DMK government came to power, women were allowed to ride buses for free in the state. With the arrival of the festive season, buses were allowed to travel entirely in Tamil Nadu. Despite the drop in Kovid-19 cases, restrictions on buses to Kerala continue.

Prime Minister Stalin continues to make unannounced visits to government institutions and police stations. Prime Minister Stalin inspected the government’s Adidravidar social welfare student hostel at Pennagaram in Dharmapuri district and asked students directly about the hostel facilities and food. He inspected the shelter, asked the students for information, and assessed the situation. The Chief Minister had arrived at the Adiyamman Kotte Police Station in Dharmapuri District and asked the police officers about the actions taken in relation to the complaints. After examining the records in detail, he directed the police. Unexpected visits from the Chief Minister are being discussed on social media.

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Stalin had ordered the police to reduce the number of vehicles guarding the front and rear of the CM vehicle. From now on, there will be two pilot vehicles, three escort vehicles, and a jammer vehicle at the front and rear of the CM vehicle. The Chief Minister had the security of 12 vehicles. Stalin proposed reducing it to six. Stalin also ordered the police to reduce the number of escort vehicles and not to block other vehicles or block the road when the CM vehicle passed.

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The decision to reduce the number of escort vehicles was made during a meeting between Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary V Irayanambu and senior police officials. Madras High Court judge Judge N Anand Venkatesh had asked the state secretary of the interior for an explanation after a traffic jam.

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