Mohan Bhagwat Says Those Who Say Muslims Shouldn’t Live In India Are Not Hindus


  • The statement was made at a function of the Muslim Political Stain.
  • Mohan Bhagwat says that Muslims and Hindus are one
  • It is argued that this is not to create an image.

New Delhi: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that those who say that Muslims should not live in India are not Hindus. He also said that the RSS should get rid of anti-minority propaganda. He spoke at an event organized by Muslim Political Munch.

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India is a democracy. Muslims and Hindus are one. Neither Hindus nor Muslims can rule here. “The Indians rule,” he said. Mohan Bhagwat said that RSS believes in the DNA of the people of India.

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Some say that Hindu unity is needed. But the RSS says the two factions are one. He added that it was not about creating an image.

Nothing has been done for the image. The goal is to bring people together. Without thinking about what others will do. He also added that protests against violence against minorities are on the rise.

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