Mood swings during periods: Are there mood swings during periods? Here are ways to deal with this: How to deal with mood swings during periods


  • Do mood swings during menstruation turn into a “headache”?
  • Here are some things to look for when selecting yours.

Menstruation is full of pain and many other disorders that can be associated with it. What if the mood changes drastically with this? Those days will be very miserable. The sights and sounds are equally unbearable. Some women even go crazy when they hear their favorite song. For some, even seeing loved ones can be a daunting task. These are popularly known as “mood swings” during menstruation.

Changes in the body’s hormones like estrogen and progesterone during menstruation are the main cause of such stress. This condition can affect different women in different ways. These problems begin to appear days before the start of menstruation. For some, it changes in a way that affects many aspects of daily life, including the very existence of relationships. Therefore, it is essential to find a solution to this situation.

So, here are some things about these mood swings you face during menstrual days …

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Do not be angry …

It is natural to feel irrational anger and tension these days. Even small things can explode on a large scale. Some may find it difficult to understand what others are saying in the same way, leading to misunderstandings and problems. The only solution is to control the mind. Doing meditation or other breathing exercises for this can change this condition.

Eat well, eat well:

Diet and lifestyle are related to mood during menstruation. Make sure you eat the right amount of healthy food.

Care must be taken to eat the necessary amount of healthy food. Natural vegetables and fruits should be eaten well in every season. Be careful not to eat foods that increase blood sugar levels. Include meat, eggs, fish, beans, peas, and healthy fats in your diet.

In addition, it is beneficial to eat more protein-rich legumes such as chickpeas and lentils, especially a week before menstruation.

Don’t stop exercising

On menstrual days, many people avoid exercising and prefer to sit still somewhere. Regular exercise will benefit the body and mind. Yoga and meditation are very beneficial methods of improving mood. This can increase the effectiveness of a good chemical called endorphins that helps boost your mood.

Sleeping well is important

Make sure you get an average of 8 hours of sleep a night to put yourself in a good mood. Remember that if you don’t get enough sleep, it can worsen your mood even on normal days.

Without caffeine

Many people recommend caffeinated coffee to reduce menstrual cramps. Although it can help reduce pain, excessive use of caffeine during menstruation can increase stress and cause unwanted discomfort.
And cause it to happen.

Drink to help reduce menstrual pain.

Do you want to see a doctor?

It is best to consult a good doctor if you are concerned about your mood during menstruation or if it seems uncontrollable. Definitely explain things to a good healthcare professional if this affects your daily life, work, or personal relationships. You may need to rely on certain medications to correct the hormonal imbalance.

Beloved need consideration

Any woman experiencing mood swings during menstruation needs the support of those around her first. Stop adding when you express irrational anger or other distractions. If the couple is unfamiliar with such things, let them know in advance. Let them know that anger and unnecessary tension are natural. This will help you avoid conflicts due to misunderstandings.

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