Mother’s name as initial: abandoned father’s name, daughter’s initials; അമ്മ കോടതിയിൽ – mother from tamil nadu approaches madras high court to keep her name as her daughter’s initial after school forced to use abandoned father’s name


  • Incident in Tamil Nadu
  • School officials demanded his father’s name.
  • The court asked the government for an explanation.

Coimbatore: A mother has filed a petition in the superior court asking permission to use the first letter of her daughter’s name as initials. The incident took place in Tamil Nadu. M Pothumpennu, a native of Karur, had approached the court in a dispute over changing her daughter Kavya’s initials.

The Madras High Court has asked the public to petition for permission to use the initials of his name in front of the name of his daughter, a ninth-class student. The woman told the court that her husband had abandoned her and her daughter and that she was raising the girl and paying for her education. Kavya’s initials were the first letter of her mother’s name when she was admitted to the school. But when I applied for the scholarship exam, the school authorities came away with some objections. School officials demanded that the boy’s father’s name be used as an initial.

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At the same time, Pothumpon says that in all other official documents, the initials of the mother’s name are the same as the initials. His daughter Kavya is studying at the Kadavur government high school. The Hindu reported that the woman had told him that she was staying with her parents and that her husband had left her earlier. When the boy was admitted to the school, he was given his initials as his initials. The same name is also used in government documents, including the Aadhaar card. The girl said in the petition that her daughter wanted to use her mother’s name and not her father’s. However, when applying for the scholarship, the school authorities asked that the father’s name be the initials and told the boy that this would also be a problem during the scholarship.

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The case is being handled by Judge Senthilkumar Ramamurthy. The court also asked the government for an explanation on the matter. The case will be reassigned to October 26.

Previously, the Madras High Court had ruled that the mother’s name could be used as initials in a similar case. In 2018, the Madras High Court ruled that single mothers were not required to reveal the identity of the child’s father at the time of birth registration. The court ruled in favor of the mother of the girl who became pregnant by artificial insemination after the divorce. The court ruled that single or divorced mothers could add their initials to their children’s names. The Tamil Nadu government issued a similar order in 2003.

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